WWE star The Miz in Abu Dhabi

Wrestling and reality TV star The Miz was in the UAE and everybody loved him


The Miz recently rolled into town to promote this month’s WWE Live shows in Abu Dhabi and everybody loved him! Here’s why…

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs.
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Signature Move: Skull-Crushing Finale
Career Highlights: WWE Tag Team Champion; World Tag Team Champion; United States Champion; Unified Tag Team Champion; WWE Champion; Intercontinental Champion; WWE Main Event commentator

The Miz’s mouth is the reason duct tape was invented — and even that won’t do the trick.

First introduced to TV audiences as one of the seven strangers on “The Real World: Back to New York,” The Miz parlayed his reality TV fame into a legitimate WWE career.

And for those who think he’s a fluke, just ask him. He’ll tell you he’s not … and he’s right.

Miz’s first taste of WWE cred came alongside John Morrison, as the duo won the WWE Tag Team Championships and the attention of WWE fans on their WWE.com web series, “The Dirt Sheet.” The team was split up thanks to the 2009 WWE Draft and many expected Miz to fade into obscurity. He proved everyone wrong, though, by winning the United States Championship, the Unified Tag Team Championship and several high-profile matches.

Then in July 2010, Miz’s career hit a turning point. By winning the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match, the Ohio native guaranteed himself a chance to capture his ultimate goal — the WWE Championship. And on the Nov. 22, 2010, edition of Monday Night Raw, The Miz finally made good on his persistent threats, successfully cashing in his WWE Title opportunity on a vulnerable Randy Orton to capture the most prestigious prize in sports-entertainment.

Whether he’s on the microphone or in the ring, The Miz will simply not be ignored. Why? Because he’s The Miz, and he’s ... “awwwesome.”

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