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How to get rid of pathogens and other nasties in your furniture

Interview, Health
Interview, Health

The Healthy Home Middle East specialise in Indoor Environment Control by getting rid of pathogens and other nasties in your furniture. They talk to us about the creepy crawlies that like to play hide and seek and why they need to be zapped!

Have you ever played hide and seek with a friend who is extremely good at hiding and when it’s their time to find you, they always win? Not fair right? Here at The Healthy Home, we also know a group of little friends who are the best at playing hide and seek – we call them impurities.

Impurities are things that change our surroundings for the worse. Think of things like dirt, pollution and harmful chemicals. Worse again, think of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, fungi and viruses – which are called micro-organisms. Micro-organisms are so extremely tiny that we cannot see them with our eyes but we all know they exist and live around us as they can be seen under microscopic lenses. These micro-organisms affect our health and well-being as they carry pathogens (an agent that causes infection or disease) which can make us ill. These super tiny micro-organisms live and breed inside your mattress and at night, they feed on your sweat and skin flakes that you shed. Yuck!

In the UAE, almost 40% of children and one third of adults in the UAE suffer from Allergic Rhinitis, a common disease that is influenced by the presence of impurities and micro-organisms such as dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. The environment that we live in also provides the perfect breeding conditions for these impurities due to the extreme temperatures and humidity, poor indoor air quality due to the continuous use of air conditioning, double glazed windows that prevent direct UV sun light penetration (the first known natural disinfectant) and frequent sand storms and surrounding construction dust.
Let’s have a look at the creepy crawlies that are living inside your mattress:

Dust mites
Microscopic eight-legged spider species found in most homes and are invisible to the naked eye. The dust mite is harmless however their excretions are responsible for producing dust mite allergens that become airborne and inhaled, causing allergies and asthma. On average, there are 2 million dust mites that live inside a mattress - each egg-laying female can increase the population by 25 or 30 new mites per week!

Bed bugs
A small parasite insect that feeds exclusively on human blood. They prefer the face, neck and arms of a sleeping individual. A bed bug produces liquid feces which are dark spots left on bedding or in hiding places. Their bite leads mainly to itchy skin (rashes).

Bacteria and viruses
Bacteria are microscopic organisms that were among the first life forms to appear on earth and present in most habitat on the planet (soil, water). They are the main cause of unpleasant odours in your furniture. Some bacteria are harmless but others that feed on insects and dust mites can cause infections, fever or other symptoms.

Mold and fungi
Molds are a form of microbes. The mold spores become airborne and are inhaled causing allergies and asthma. It produces unpleasant odors and can survive in extreme temperatures.

How can you tell if you are allergic to these micro-organisms?
The common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, red or watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and itchiness (throat, skin, nose, eyes).

What diseases do these micro-organisms and pathogens cause?
These creepy crawlies will be the main source for causing Rhinitis (Hay Fever), Sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses), Asthma (is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways), Eczema (form of chronic inflammation of the skin) , Bronchitis (an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi) and Conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids).

The best way to eliminate impurities from your mattress is through dry and chemical-free treatments. It is suggested to extract all the impurities with an industrial strength vacuum device that traps and contains all the impurities and their excrements through a HEPA (Hypo Allergen High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The latest technology to follow is a sanitising machine which kills and destroys all DNA left in the mattress, leaving the mattress completely sanitised and odour free.

“We recommend sanitising the mattress at least twice a year or every three months if allergy sufferers are in the house. Our medical grade UVc sanitisation device is as effective as 48 hours direct sunlight however we effectively remove and kill these impurities in just 30 minutes” said Cecilia Humphreys, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Healthy Home ME. (800 7264 8493).

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