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Deborah Jossa, co-founder of The Perfect Help and mum of two, talks to us about training courses for home helpers.

You founded The Perfect Help in 2011. What was your initial idea for the company and how has it grown since then?
We simply saw that quality domestic help was missing in the region. There are more than 22 million domestic helpers in the Middle East, but nobody to train them. We decided to start introducing five star hotel standards into the homes of the families living in the UAE. We developed our training courses with external consultants, and started teaching soon after.

Tell us about The Perfect Help team and the different services on offer - is the training on offer tailored to particular family needs?
Our team is composed of experienced professionals of all nationalities – Sid our housekeeping and laundry trainer brings a BSc in Hotel Management, and 10 years in five star establishments – he lives to perfect the homes of our clients. Our chef Louis is Mauritian and has worked in some of the most prestigious establishments including the Al Maha – the course he designed “Become a Chef” teaches cooking methods to helpers so that after the course they have the skills and confidence to prepare any dish. Other team members include Italians and Filipinos – we are a mini united nations!
Because we teach one on one in our client’s homes, we customise the course to their needs – some clients may have special requests, like how to manage fragile materials or organise messy wardrobes, so we tailor our courses to suit them.

What has feedback been like from parents in Dubai?
The feedback has been terrific – most families in the UAE cannot spare the time to train helpers, so we step in. At the end of every course, our trainers send out a written report to the employers and a lot of the time, that’s when the penny drops Some employers may not be aware of poor housekeeping techniques or time wasting in their homes – that’s why we are here to help.

What is the most popular training course? Do you offer First Aid training?
Our top courses are housekeeping – we teach five star hotel protocol over three sessions of four hours each, and it results in a transformation of homes and attitudes. We also offer first aid training – the Back to Basics Pediatric first aid courses, which is custom made for UAE families. We teach first aid to parents, nannies and corporates, and we offer a wide variety of courses both in English, Tagalog and Sinhalese. We teach private courses in the homes or group sessions in our training center on Sheikh Zayed road.

What’s in the pipeline for The Perfect Help in 2014? Will you be offering new services or training courses?
2014 is another milestone for us, we have now solidified our trainings offering and are looking to starting to develop our own line of household products. (04 330 7544)

Time Out Kids tried it…

We brought The Perfect Help team into our home for housekeeping and food training course overhaul. The housekeeping course, conducted by Sid, took up one whole day, covering everything from bed bugs and proper mopping and cleaning techniques to washing machine know-how, ironing and cleaning utensils maintenance. An incredibly comprehensive report was sent to us after the training (with pictures!) detailing not just our helpers understanding and knowledge, but how interested (or not) she was in certain tasks and how she got on trying certain tasks for the first time. It also included a shopping list of essential items we needed in our home to keep housekeeping levels at an all time high. The food course, conducted by Louis, was equally impressive. He trained our helper on correct food preparation and storage, different food types, food expiration and kitchen cupboard organisation. We also chose one type of cuisine from an extensive list which was emailed to us (Italian, Indian, French etc) and he showed our helper how to prepare to main courses and two appetisers from this cuisine. Our only gripe was that the shopping list for all the dishes was sent a bit too close to the training day and didn’t give us much time to prepare. Apart from that, we were very impressed!

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