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Future Kids founder on the benefits of early education


We speak to Samantha Malkoun, mum to three little ones and founder of Future Kids, a new children’s learning centre which pioneers whole brain training.

What is whole brain training exactly?
Whole brain training promotes a balance in using both hemispheres of the brain equally throughout life. The traditional method of instruction in schools and educational institutions heavily depends on the left-brain’s abilities, our program appeals to both sides of the brain. Children learn photographic memory, speed-reading, and computer like math processing and capabilities that would not be developed through conventional learning methods.

How did you come up with the idea of your own brain training centre?
My kids were part of a brain training program in Australia that focused on developing the right hemisphere of the brain. We were really amazed to see the results that came about after sticking to the program for even a short amount of time. The kids were able to recall whole books two weeks after they had listened to them, they could problem solve, they were confident, focused and had great manners. As I learned more about my own kid’s development and experimented with different accelerated learning programs, I became so passionate about how much more parents could be doing for their children during the key stage of development. The Future Kids program started to take shape and about two years later we began the first class!

How do you juggle running Future Kids and being a mum to three little ones?
It’s very difficult! The problem is, when I was a full time Mum occasionally working from home I wanted more of a career but now that I am in the workforce, I am desperate for more time with my children. The saving grace is that I get to work with kids and my own kids come to the centre every day so they are a big part of my work life.

You cater to kids aged six months to six years, which is very young. How does the program work when kids this age have such a short attention span?
My son is 10 months and has been attending the program since we launched and also was the guinea pig for all the practice classes, so I would say he has been to about six sessions. Parents of the children in his class have been commenting on how advanced he is already! From my experience it takes about three sessions to teach the focus and familiarity of the classes and then parents really start to notice the difference in their children.

Why will Future Kids appeal to parents in Dubai?
There is no other program like it in the Middle East and the results are phenomenal. Parents are already reporting that they feel they can communicate with their babies and our infants in the one-two year old age group are displaying incredible memory and sensory skills. Our older kids, 5 years and above, are enjoying the learning process, exploring literacy and numeracy with never seen before enthusiasm.

Where would you like to see Future Kids go over the next few years?
I would like to see Future Kids available to all children because it’s such an amazing program, and aside from the Intellectual development, it offers direction and support for the growing loving bond between parent and child.

Are you running any new initiatives in the next couple of months?
Yes, Future Kids is conducting a Nanny Training Course in December. The course will be co-instructed in Tagalog and will cover lots of topics including Nutrition, Routines and General Safety. Nannies will also be taught about the developmental milestones for each age group and how to encourage kids to reach and exceed these milestones. (056 708 5658).

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