Bonas Macfarlane in Dubai

Education CEO Charles Bonas on his newly opened centre in Knowledge Village

Interview, Education
Interview, Education
Interview, Education

We speak to Charles Bonas, CEO and Managing Director of Bonas MacFarlane Education about their newly opened centre in Knowledge Village.

Why did Bonas MacFarlane decide to open in Dubai?
As a leading international city, Dubai attracts the kind of parents who appreciate that if their children are to secure places at top schools and universities, expert and highly focused tuition is often necessary.

There are many after school tuition options already available to kids in Dubai. What makes BMF stand out from the rest?
We are an integrated education consultancy, not just a tutorial agency. We have developed our practice in the UK over twenty years and as a result; we have a large team of dedicated school and university placement specialists, tutors and other education resources available to assist our clients. We have brought that network here to Dubai so parents can be assured that their child is receiving the best support possible. The London press has often singled Bonas MacFarlane Education out as London’s leading provider of one-to-one tuition. We believe that this experience and quality assurance is unrivalled in the city.

Do you cater for all skill levels and age ranges? And all subjects?
Yes – we start with creative play and providing well-educated English nannies to pre-school children and continue to work with students all the way through their education, up to postgraduate level.

It says on your website that you offer mentoring programs for kids. What is this exactly?
Our mentors guide children by building their confidence and motivation, as they direct them towards areas of study which interest them, and help them to foster extracurricular interest (in sport and the arts). A good mentor will be a trusted advisor who will build a child’s confidence and help the child deal with some of the great pressures which children face today.

Do you cater for children with learning difficulties and attention problems? And do you offer tailored tuition programs and lesson plans?
Yes, in London we partner with the Dyslexia Teaching Centre in Kensington and work closely with leading educational psychologists and other specialists. So we bring this considerable experience to bear in Dubai. All of our tutoring programs are tailored to the very specific needs of each child, and every tutorial has to be planned and reported.

Will children have to attend a BMF tuition centre, or do you offering tuition services for kids in their own home?
We cater for either option. Our tuition centre is centrally located for easy access in Knowledge Village.

Many Dubai parents are already pushed to the pin of their collar with Dubai school fees. Are there affordable tuition options at BMF?
We offer group based tutorials, which we consider to be affordable. However, good educational provision – in group format or one-to-one individual sessions- will always have a cost. We have a long and well-documented track record of success that parents take into consideration when making the decision to provide academic support for their child. The results we have been able to deliver for our clients have made the financial investment well worth it.

Tell us about the tutors involved, how do they engage with and encourage the children? How are lessons and tuition structured?
Our tutors are selected for having been successful themselves at school and university; our tutors here in Dubai are all graduates of top universities including Oxford, Imperial College and Cambridge. Above all, they are selected for being engaging, fun young people.

Tutorials are tailor made and highly structured to work towards specific objectives. Children enjoy tutorials when they see demonstrable progress; we think that one-to-one tuition is the best way to instill confidence.

What kind of results have BMF seen from the kids who attend? How are these results measured?
In Dubai, we have helped several students gain admission to leading British schools (including Harrow and Sevenoaks) and to some of the top British universities. Of course, the schools these children have attended in Dubai are largely responsible for these successes, as well as diligent parental involvement, but we like to think that we have made a considerable impact. (04 443 0930).

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