Disney Live! in Dubai

We spoke to Minnie and Mickey about the upcoming Dubai show


Welcome to the UAE, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. What are you most looking forward to doing in the UAE?
Oh my goodness, it’s so exciting to be here!

Mickey: And how! Most of all, ‘cause we get to see all our good pals!

Minnie: We’re even trying to learn a few words of Arabic – ‘Marhaba’, everyone! That means ‘hello’.

We hear that you are about to embark on a magical journey in the new show Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival. Can you tell us about the show?
It’s fantastic, my friends and I will be performing a musical mash-up of mega proportions!

Minnie: Mickey and I will be dancing with all of our Disney friends, right before your eyes. This is our first time in the UAE and we’re just so excited to perform for the boys and girls here.

Mickey: That’s right, Minnie! I’ll bet some of the kids have never even seen a show like ours, not to mention the flying carpets and underwater scenes!

Minnie: Oh, it’s so lovely and romantic, and makes me feel like royalty!

Mickey and Minnie, you act as tour guides for the show, what other Disney friends will you be bringing with you?
The whole gang! Ya know… Donald, Daisy, and Goofy!

Minnie: It isn’t easy to choose as we have so many wonderful friends, but Mickey and I will be there to welcome our friends Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, Ariel and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid and some of the Disney princesses – Snow White, Cinderella and lots more!

Mickey: Don’t forget Aladdin and the Genie!

Minnie: Oh of course, The Genie is so funny and magical.

We understand that you travel quite a bit. What’s your favourite place?
We certainly are lucky. We get to travel all over the world and see wonderful places and meet wonderful people. Take the UAE, for example. Everyone here has been so warm and welcoming to us.

Mickey: You said it, Minnie. Everyone’s always been swell to us, makin’ us feel right at home. So I guess, right here, right now, our very favorite place is the UAE, of course!

Dancing is a great form of exercise too, is it hard work?
Wow, it sure is! Minnie and I have been dancing for more than 20 years! It took a lot of practice when we were first learning, but now it just feels perfectly natural. Although we do need to warm-up and stretch properly before a performance.

Minnie: That’s right, Mickey. And it’s important to drink water and eat healthy snacks to keep your muscles strong and make sure you have enough energy to do those jumps and spins.

Tickets on sale now from www.ticketmaster.ae. Prices start from Dhs150 for Bronze, Dhs250 for Silver, Dhs375 for Gold and Dhs1000 for VIP tickets. Visit www.disneyliveme.com for more information.

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