Mickey Mouse interview

The cartoon star talks (!) ahead of Disney Live! shows in the UAE

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival comes to Abu Dhabi this month. TOAD sat down with the star of this exciting show.

If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?
Gosh, let’s just say I’ve been acting since 1928. Not bad, huh?

And where do you live?
Well, my house is in Toontown, but lately I’ve been travellin’ to all sorts of places with Minnie for our shows. It’s great! We get to visit children everywhere and see the world. So, I guess ya might say home is where you hang your party hat.

What are some of your hobbies?
Oh, I like doin’ lots of stuff. Playin’ music, dancin’, fishin’, hot air balloonin’, you know? Oh, and I love to travel. In fact, I’ll be in Abu Dhabi real soon! I sure am lookin’ forward to it.

What do you never travel without and why?
If ya ask me, it sure is hard to beat a pair of red shorts and my yellow shoes. Let’s see, what else… Well, I like all sorts of music, so I always bring my music player! It’s great to dance to. And if I can get a crowd dancing, that’s even better! And ya know, I always have the most fun when I get to go places with Minnie and my pals Goofy and Donald.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Gosh, I love travelling all over the world, getting’ to meet children and seein’ ‘em smile and dance and sing. I’m looking forward to seeing if the families in Abu Dhabi can sing and dance as well as I think they can.

What’s your favourite movie to watch on a plane?
Gee, that’s a tough one…Well, I really like Fantasia! It sure was fun to make. (Ha-ha!)

What keeps you motivated after a long, long journey?
I guess the first thing I think about is all my pals, all over the world. There’s nothing like good friends to make every day tons of fun. Yeah, they really keep me going’. Course if we’re doin’ a show, the gang and I also have to rehearse. In fact I’ve got a rock n roll rehearsal this afternoon! Can’t forget about that.

Tell me a little bit about the new Disney Live to tour Abu Dhabi – what can kids expect?
Well, it’s kinda like a great big party! And it’s a rock and roll concert with all my friends, so everybody gets to sing and dance and make lots of noise! It’s great!

What’s super exciting about the tour to Abu Dhabi?
Aw, I’m just excited to make new friends and see a new part of the world! We always make tons of great friends when we travel and I’m really lookin’ forward to meeting new people.
Catch Mickey’s Music Festival at Du Forum, Yas Island from Februrary 26-March 2. For tickets, visit www.ticketmaster.ae.

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