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Meet the business owner on a mission to get your kids drinking organic juice

Interview, Health
Interview, Health

Lindsey Parry talks to Meenaxy Vashishtha about her business Go Organic ME, and why making your own home made fresh juices is a great idea for getting good nutrition into picky kids.

Where did the idea for the kids juicing boxes come from?
I have two small kids myself and I noticed them being very fussy about eating their fruits and vegetables so I thought I would try juicing for them. I was so pleased with the results and couldn’t believe my luck when they loved it. There are so many parents like me out there who also face the same problem and supplementing the kids diet with ready bottled juices just isn’t an option as they are so high in unnatural sugars and the juices are made from stale produce and filled with colourings and additives. At Go Organic ME we support getting back to basics and believe in raw, homemade organic juices. It’s so easy to make fresh juices at home and knowing exactly what your child is drinking just can’t be beaten so this is where the idea for the Kids Juicing Box came from.

What has the feedback from parents been like on these boxes?
The feedback has been great. The parents love the idea and the recipes and are so keen to try their own recipes too. This is so great to hear and has encouraged a healthy habit of drinking raw, fresh, organic juice every day – there’s just nothing better.

Kids are known for being difficult when it comes to eating fruit and veg - why does juicing the fruit and veg instead differ?
Let’s face it, no kids can (or will!) eat four leaves of kale, two tomatoes, an apple and two leaves of spinach in one go. But when you juice, it all goes into one glass so it gives kids the nutritional benefit that they might otherwise just not be able to get. Besides, juices taste great and kids love to sip them as long as they come in exciting colours and flavours. We try to mix and match the colours and taste so that it is exciting to look at as well as healthy and tasty.

What do the kid’s juice fresh boxes contain, how much do they cost and how long will a box last?
The kid’s juice box contains 17 types of produce - lots of veggies along with green leaves and many fruits. All the vegetables are freshly cropped and then added straight into the boxes. There is a good mix of cruciferous vegetables, greens, fruits and herbs in the box. The cost is Dhs350 for the kids box and is accompanied by an analysis from a nutritionist and recipes. The box is large enough to last a week.

From what age is it ok to give my toddler fresh juice?
You can start giving fresh juices to kids from age two. Kids from six months to one year can still be given home made fresh juices but in smaller quantities.

Don’t juices have high sugar? Won’t that be bad for my child’s teeth?
Juices can have a high sugar content if made with too many fruits, however fruit sugar is natural and has a completely different effect on our bodies than refined sugars. Our recipes tend to have one or two fruits and then are also mixed with vegetables – it’s a good balance.

All your fruit and veg is organic – where does it come from?
All our vegetables are freshly cropped and are ICEA, IFOAM AND ESMA certified from our farms in Al Ain and Khawaneej. The fruits are USDA and ECOCERT certified.

How can busy working mums with no one at home during the day receive their delivery?
We deliver in the evening between 4pm – 9 pm.  We don’t do morning deliveries as we need time to crop the vegetables first. It is recommended that someone is home to collect the box, although we are very flexible - the customer just has to inform us of the best time for delivery and we can accommodate them.

I’ve never juiced before – where do I begin?
Our juicing department will send complete instructions on how to juice and what to do. All the information is also clearly laid out in the recipes but you can connect with us any time though, we are happy to give further direction if needed.

Do I have to sign up or can I just order whenever I choose?
Most of our customers sign up for our regular services as suits them to have a box delivered every week. If there is something they don’t want that particular week they can just let us know. Regular deliveries can be cancelled any time with 24 hours notice. There is also the option of ordering ad hoc whenever you like - we are very flexible!

Tell us about what else your company provides?
We deliver all over Dubai and the UAE and provide local organic vegetable boxes, fruit boxes, mixed boxes, eggs, honey, green juice boxes, defense Juice box, kids juice boxes, three, five and seven day detox and cleanse fresh boxes, kidney and liver cleanse fresh boxes and are soon going to be launching a raw food fresh box with a complete meal plan.
Find Go Organic at www.goorganic.me Place an order on their website or by email at orders@goorganic.me (055 625 0664).

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