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For all you need to throw a ‘sweet’ party, Yonma Gamal, founder of Sweet Life Parties tells us everything we need to know.

When did you set up Sweet Life Parties and where did the idea come from?
As a child I always loved birthdays and all the little touches that used to make the day so special. When I had my own children I got so into planning and theming their parties, I had so many friends requesting my help for their kid’s parties that I managed to make a career out of it and decided to start Sweet Life in September 2011.

What makes Sweet Life parties different?
We are all about creating the most incredible party experiences. We want the birthday boy or girl to have a special day that they will never forget. To create a 360 experience you have to think about every detail, no matter how small. From the colour of balloons, to the sound track and decorations – everything has to come together to create an unforgettable experience.  We believe in a highly personalised and customised approach - we think that this is what really sets Sweet Life Parties apart.

As a mum yourself, how do you find running the business with juggling family life?
I created a business that I can really involve them in – they love what I do almost as much as I do! I have three children who are eleven, nine and nine months and I would say that it is very much like riding a roller coaster. You have to be great at multitasking and get used to surviving on very little sleep. Having said all that, it’s an overwhelming and unmatched experience for me and I do enjoy every second of it.
Your kids must have high party expectations when their birthday comes around?
Of course and I love rising to the challenge! I am in the midst of planning my daughter’s birthday party now and it’s a brand new theme created especially for her, centered around Greek Gods and myths.
What kind of parties can you provide and what is included?
We provide a full service party experience and we can support parents in many different ways - from venue set-up, party collateral and table settings through to decorations, entertainment and our signature candy buffets.
Is there a favourite theme that people tend to ask for or does it vary?
Everyone goes crazy for our carnival theme! They love the atmosphere it creates when the music, decorations and entertainment come to life. The bright colours and decorations help everyone get into the swing of it and before you know it everyone is up on their feet dancing to the carnival beats!  

What if I’m based in Dubai but I want to throw a special themed party outside of Dubai? In the desert perhaps? Can you still help with that?
If we can reach the destination by car and have access to power, we can pretty much make anything happen anywhere!
Are parents of the kids expected to stay at the party or can you provide supervised parties?
At Sweet Life, we believe parents are indispensable in any party. Kids always love to share their happy moments with their families as well as friends. As such, we don’t promote the idea of supervised parties. However, we do provide minor supervision with some of our activities, such as arts and crafts, to ensure the children get some guidance and inspiration. 
What are your tips on how to keep a party budget from spiralling out of control?
I think you just have to be really clear on what you are looking for from your party – be clear on what is ‘essential’ and what is ‘nice to have’. If you do this and give yourself a strict budget, you can make sure that you create a party that you are happy with, without spending the earth.
I want to do something aside from the usual party games and cakes. Can you help me provide something that’s fun, interactive and educational? Can you give me examples of anything you have done in the past?
There are a whole host of educational activities that we can weave into a children’s party, depending on the age group and theme. For younger children even the most traditional of activities such as face painting and story telling can incorporate a strong educational element whilst still being extremely fun. For older children, there is a whole range of arts and crafts activities that cater for a wide age group. No Sweet Life party is ever the same so we work closely with parents to ensure that we offer interesting activities that are tailored to the particular group we are catering for.
Prices vary. Sweet Life Parties. yomna@sweetlifeparties.com, www.sweetlifeparties.com (050 321 0839).

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