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Get kids' creative juices flowing at these craft clubs in Dubai


Café Ceramique
Café Ceramique has been helping children discover art, colour, design and flare through pottery painting, for more than a decade. Café Ceramique has locations across the UAE open seven days a week offering pottery and art classes for kids.
Visit for more information.

Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre
DUCTAC for short, is a cultural hub offering art classes, dance classes and acting classes for all ages. The options are literally endless at this Mall of Emirates-based gem. Spanning some 80,000 sqft, here are just a few of the highlights for March...

Art and Craft Fun
It’s an opportunity for the budding young artist. A crafty hands-on art class where students make wonderful things to bring home. The objective is to encourage self-expression, creativity and imagination. Direct and indirect learning objectives include independence, perseverance, problem-solving and improvisation, creativity, spatial-visual observation, artistic interpretation, and visual representation of ideas. In normal terms – the kids will enjoy making a mess doing fabric painting, making door signs and paper collage, beading, paper-fan making and lots more.
(6-9yrs) and (3-5yrs). Various days. Dh300-400 for four consecutive sessions (Dh50 for materials).

reMADE DXB presents: The Makery for kids at DUCTAC
The latest addition to the creative landscape of the UAE, reMADE DXB is part of the global handmade phenomenon. Those things our parents did as ‘must-do’ hobbies – basic sewing and applique – kids can do for fun. From a Monster pen pot (used tin can) to felt/fabric finger puppets, children can really get creative with the everyday items around them here. The course is 10 x 1.5hr sessions but kids (8+ only) can join at any point.
Dh750 per child (Dh25 for materials each week) and sessions take place on Monday at 3pm and Wednesday from 5pm.

Manga! At DUCTAC
When you’re 12-18 years old you’d probably like to live inside a comic, as far away from your parents as possible. Join this class and meet other teenagers ready to jump through the pages. The class will teach how to draw the faces, bodies, eyes, and hair of manga characters. Student will also learn how to create layouts and lettering to make your own graphic novel.
Dhs800 for eight consecutive sessions plus Dh10 for materials.

Mastering Mosaics at DUCTAC
It’s a age-old tradition, a type of which can be traced back to the Middle East. So why not step back in time and master the art of mosaics. By Christmas you could have re-tiled your mum’s bathroom! The course focuses on learning the techniques involved in the direct method of mosaic craft in order to create a basic finished mosaic piece. Techniques include preparing surfaces for mosaic application, tile nipping and cutting, tile placement, various adhesives, selecting and mixing grout and grouting as well as finishing and polishing a completed mosaic piece.
Dhs400 for three consecutive sessions plus Dh150 for materials.

Hand paper making at DUCTAC
With the state of the environment on everyone’s lips this is one for the eco-friendly. We all know paper comes from trees but we’d like to bet that most children would answer Spinney’s or the school cupboard if asked where they get paper from. This course requires no prior background and teaches kids to recycle papers, encouraging them to look at nature more closely. By the end of the workshop they’ll be contributing productively and actively to a pollution-free and cleaner environment. Dh350 for two consecutive sessions or Dh250 for one session plus Dh5 for materials.
Other classes at DUCTAC include Expressive Art, Acrylic Painting for Kids, Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing and many more. Visit or call 04 3414777.

Park painting: free!
Don’t fancy the logistical nightmare of signing up to classes you’ll probably end up missing anyway? Gather the trouble-makers, dress them in old clothes and head to a big open space with plenty of grass. Paper down, paint pots open and brushes as far as the eye can see, let them unleash their inner artist. Don’t look back until you’re at least one coffee down. is the perfect place to pick up affordable bits and pieces for your open air craft session. Other mums will worship you for coming up with something cheap, easy and that doesn’t include having to have the sofa covers picked up by the dry cleaner – again!

Kidz&co: Scrap booking
It’s the perfect way of keeping all your memories of a special event for life. Before they have a chance to remind you smart phones, iPads and their desktop computer has an app or clever programme to make one for them, try reminding them sometimes it’s good to actually create something with your hands. The birth of a little brother or sister, a birthday party, a family holiday, all can be documented by collecting memorable bits and pieces, quotes, stories and pictures. Scrapbooking classes are run at and teach kids to create their own master pieces. Art classes with Vango, a child-friendly programme using normal, everyday items, is also run by Bernadette Shonibare, an experienced and creative art teacher at Kidz&Co.
Visit or call 050 754 9654.

Dubai International Art Centre: Knitting
Ok, so this one could be a tough sell. Steer clear of the fact their Gran or Great Gran did it to pass the time or make over-sized, seasonal jumpers and stick with the line that “all the celebrities are doing it”. It’s true, Cameron Diaz, Jen Aniston and even Ryan Gosling claim to be a fan of fancy wool work. Being spotted with knitting needles poking out of your bag is now as fashionable as Justin Bieber and fashion statement t-shirts (apparently). The friendly team at the Dubai International Art Centre run a six-week course, which will teach the basic stitches and how to read patterns. Age doesn’t matter as long as you’re keen.
Full courses are priced from Dh900. Call 04 344 4398 or visit for more.

Crafts for Kids at The Craft Studio
Where better to get crafty than at The Craft Studio in Dubai? These folks specialise in arranging group craft sessions in the comfort of your own home. They do a variety of themes such as making felt puppets, play dough and much more. Perfect for those long weekends or bad (hot/rain) weather. Equally, if you’d like to inject some art and craft into a birthday party then these are the guys to call. The Craft Studio, Dubai is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday.
Call 050 5586061 or visit for more.

Mini Miracles: Favourite Things, Dubai Marina Mall.
This Dubai concept play centre is already one of our favourite things but now even more so. This class is for toddlers to three-year-olds and is billed as an “enrichment class”. In real terms it means lots of fun, play, mess, craft and art mixed with a pinch of story time and a big dollop of comedy. Held every Tuesday from 10.30am it’s a class which incorporates a bit of everything for those little ones who are still finding their feet in the craft world.
Call 04 4341984,

The benefits of being crafty: According to Rana El-Eid, founder of Café Ceramique

• Improved cognitive development such as attention skills.

• Better use of imagination encourages thinking outside the box.

• Flexibility. For example, when they have to use different material to finish a project.

• Giving children opportunities to explore and experiment will enhance overall growth.

• Parents will see children improve the ability to come up with new and original ideas.

• Easier to express themselves and even be more productive with more concentration and determination.

• They will become more innovative and more capable.

• Better enterprising and leadership skills will develop over time.

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