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We caught up with Magic Phil from Hats Magic to find out where his love of magic began and where we can find him in Dubai

Interview, Parties
Interview, Parties

We caught up with Magic Phil from Hats Magic to find out where his love of magic began and where we can find him in Dubai.

When did you first know magic was what you wanted to do?
When I was little I had a magician come to my birthday party and from then on I was hooked! I wanted to make other people feel the way I felt when the magician pulled money from behind my ear – I just thought it was amazing.

Did you go to magic school to become a magician?
When I was 11years old I asked my Dad if I could join The Magic Circle and after doing some research we found the nearest one was about 45 minutes away from my home. I was so obsessed with wanting to learn more about magic that my dad drove me there every Saturday morning for months on end. I absolutely loved it and that’s where I met a lot of other magicians - we all shared our ideas, illusions and routines so I learned so much. So yes, I guess you can say I went to magic school, but it was nothing like Hogwarts!

Who is your favourite famous magician?
I have loads, so that is a really tough question. I like a lot of different magicians for many different reasons. If I had to pick one it would be Tommy Cooper - it takes a lot more effort and skill to do a trick wrong than it does to do it right and his comic timing was just perfect! He was a true comic magician who didn’t even need to speak and everyone would laugh! “Just like that”.

What is your favourite trick?
I don’t really have a favourite and I’m still learning new and exciting tricks every day! My favourite children’s routine is my comedy white board: I draw a face and then it comes to life and speaks to me, it sounds really silly I know, but the kids go wild for it!

Where can people see you perform?
I perform all over the UAE, at many public and private shows. I keep my facebook page ‘Magic Phil’ and twitter ‘@1magicphil’ updated with all my latest shows if anyone wants to come along. You can also find me at The Address Dubai Marina, Mazina Restaurant on Saturdays at their family brunch. I roam around entertaining the children and adults!

Can kids who come to see you perform get involved and help you with some of the tricks?
Of course they can, my show is all about interaction and I select many little helpers all the way through my show. Even the adults like to get involved when they can!

Do you have a magic wand?
I wouldn’t be a decent kid’s magician if I didn’t have a wand! I actually own many - I have a bag full of many sizes, colours and that’s just part of my collection - there is still a big box full of them in storage in the UK.

What’s your favourite thing to make when twisting balloons?
The most popular is a minion or a smurf! A smurf is my favourite to make and people just love them.

What advice would you offer to kids who want to learn how to perform magic?
Practice, practice, practice! Nothing is finalised yet but I may put on another magic school summer camp so all you little wizards out there keep a look out!

Do you have an assistant and if not how can kids apply for the position?
If you want the chance to be the main assistant in my show and help me with many tricks, then why not have me at your very own private party!

Can you make my little brother/ sister disappear?
This is something I am asked many, many times! If you practice yourself, maybe one day you’ll be able to do it!

What is your favourite theme for a magic party?
I don’t even need to think about that one. I love the pirate theme! I love my pirate show and love being a pirate. I’d definitely recommend the Phil’s Magical Pirate Adventure Show if you’re looking for suggestions.

Can you teach us how to do an easy trick?
Here’s one of my very first ‘cheesy’ magic tricks: Take a straw and hold it like a dart, wave it side to side and place it behind your ear, then show your hands empty! You just have to be careful not to turn around because people will see it on your ear!
Contact Phil at Hats Magic for more information or bookings: www.hatsmagic.co.uk (052 865 0530).

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