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We caught up with Mohamed Tarek from Nutty Scientists to find out what the science is for creating the right party

Interview, Parties
Interview, Parties
Interview, Parties
Interview, Parties

Please tell us a bit about Nutty Scientists and what you do
Nutty Scientists is an edutainment company that teaches science as well as environmental and health issues for children aged from four to 12 years old through the use of fun, interactive shows, programs and activities that capture the attention and hearts of children. We eliminate the boring label that has been attached to science and carefully plan the simplest way to explain what seems to be a difficult science concept and turn it into a comical, interactive and engaging session.

How did you get involved – did you always love science?
I have been working with Nutty Scientists for a year now. I’m actually a communication and electronics engineer and I love science, and being able to share that by teaching kids in such a fun way is what made me want to get involved.

But isn’t science all boring periodic tables and dull stuff like kinetic energy and calculating recoil velocities?
It can sometimes become boring when you don’t understand it, but there is so much that is interesting about science so it can be such a lot of fun when you do understand it. That’s where we Nutty Scientists come in, we put the fun in the fundamentals of science! During our activities kids get to enjoy new concepts and carry out their own experiments so they have a lot of fun without even realising they are learning.

As you may have guessed, Time Out Kids did NOT enjoy Physics at school. How would you go about making physics fun for us?
We’d treat the Time Out Kids team to a very special science show of course! Then you’d be able to see and understand how the concepts work in a practical but really fun and comical way.

What sort of aspects of science do you cover?
Nutty Scientists provides two main services; Science Drama and Science Tricks. The main idea behind the Science Tricks show is to demonstrate to the children how impressive science can be by performing lots of different science experiments, each one displaying a different interesting science concept. Our shows are suitable for kids of all ages!

So, at the same time as having fun, kids can actually learn something too?
Yes, what makes our parties so special is that during the fun, everyone really learns! Who said that education is only in class?! Education is more effective at parties as the kids get so absorbed in the drama that they don’t even realise they are learning. By the end of the show, you can see the excitement on all their faces, the kids get hooked on science!

Where can you hold the parties? Does it have to be an external venue or can you come to people’s homes?
When you book for your party you’re free to choose whether you want the science show only or whether you also want to include the hands-on fun stations for the children to experiment the different concepts from the show. Parties can be held at your own venue or home or in Fun Square (at Times Square Center), Zebra Crossing and Atlantis the Palm.

Can you share with us a simple, safe to do at home science experiment?
One very fun experiment that you can try at home is to visually show your children the difference between full cream milk and skimmed milk. Pour each one into a different soup bowl, and carefully place a few drops of different food coloring into the center of each bowl, allowing the coloring to float over the milk. Now, let one drop of dishwashing soap fall onto the same place you added your food coloring drops, and voila! Watch the magic (the science, the science!).
For more information on Nutty Scientists email, visit or call 056 950 9681).

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