Marhababy is taking the UAE by storm, offering mums to be free goodie boxes. Time Out Kids caught up with Eveline Sleebom, founder of Marhababy to find out more

Interview, Bumps and Babies
Interview, Bumps and Babies

Marhababy is taking the UAE by storm, offering mums to be free goodie boxes. Time Out Kids caught up with Eveline Sleebom, founder of Marhababy to find out more.

Tell us about Marhababy – what exactly is it?
Marhababy is a Dubai-based company that distributes free goodie boxes to new mums in the UAE, filled with high-quality product samples of all things baby, discounts and information. Also, on our website you can find discounts, information, parenting tips and tricks.

Where did the come idea from to start Marhababy?
When I was expecting my first son here in Dubai, I realised that mums have a big need for information and support during this early phase of motherhood. I knew that in other countries like the UK for example, you can get free samples, goodies and information from the moment that you are pregnant and further on in your motherhood journey. I decided to do something similar, to support mums in the UAE and give them a fun and easy start to their motherhood.

What’s the story behind the name?
We wanted to find a name that would resonate well with both Arabic and English speaking audiences. The name should be welcoming, fun and celebrating the coming of a new baby –and that’s how we found a combination of two words ‘marhaba’ and ‘baby’. It was a nice coincidence that the word ‘Marha’ means ‘fun’ or ‘happy’ in Arabic.

Why should people sign up to receive a Marhababy box?
It’s free! It’s a lot of fun to spoil yourself with free gifts, discounts and relevant information and once you’re registered on our website, you’ll get access to more samples, newsletters, events, activities and more – it’s quite beneficial to be part of the Marhababy Club! And in the unlikely case you don’t want to be part of the club any more, it’s very easy to leave as well – no hidden agendas or strings attached.

What do Marhababy boxes include?
The boxes are different every month, but every box includes mums and parenting magazines, product samples like nappies, baby shampoo, baby oil, nappy rash cream, stretch mark cream, laundry detergent for sensitive skin, discount and gift vouchers for mum and baby products and so on. All the products and vouchers are handpicked by us and tested and approved by mums, doctors or other experts to make sure the Marhababy boxes are nothing but goodness.

Is it just for parents of first time babies or can mothers just expanding their family also receive the box?
The Marhababy box ‘pregnancy edition’ is available for every pregnant mum – whether it is your first or 10th child. Also, if you are expecting twins (or more!), you can even order two boxes – one for every baby. The thought behind it is that the bigger your family grows, the better it is to receive freebies and goodies.
Also, we are working on the next edition of Marhababy boxes, for mums with a baby of six months and older. Mums who registered on will receive a notification by email when it’s ready for pick-up!

And it’s all for FREE? What’s the catch?
There is no ‘catch’ – Marhababy has several great large and small sponsors who want to reach out to mums and their families in an attractive, fun and creative manner. For them, the Marhababy box is an excellent tool to do this. They are the ones that make Marhababy possible, and we are very grateful for that!

What’s your vision for Marhababy? Where do you see it going in the future?
First, our goal is to support and indulge as many mums in the UAE as possible – we have already sent out around 5,000 Marhababy boxes in the first months, and mums just LOVE it. We would love to keep increasing that number by thousands every month. Once we’ve done that, we plan to expand our reach to other countries in the Middle East. Also, our website will be expanded with several features and much more information soon, including the Arabic version. I see a very bright and exciting future ahead.

Do you have kids yourself? How do you find balancing your work with raising your family?
Yes, I have a lovely 16 month old son, and I’m expecting my second son in August. We have a great nanny who helps out – I couldn’t do this without her! For me, the big secret of doing it all is structure and discipline. Also, the big advantage of running your own business is that it makes you very flexible - I can work whenever and wherever I want as long as the work is being done - and the Marhababy mums are happy, of course!
Register online and collect your Marhababy box from one of 14 Babyshop locations across the UAE. Marhababy boxes available across all Emirates of the UAE.,

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