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myPediaclinic specialises in childhood illnesses, allergies and dermatological diseases. Time Out Kids spoke to Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban to find out more


myPediaclinic specialises in childhood illnesses, allergies and dermatological diseases. Time Out Kids spoke to Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban to find out more.

What is myPediaclinic and what specialties are dealt with at the clinic?
myPediaclinic provides general paediatric services from birth to 16 years which includes vaccinations, routine check-ups and treatment of childhood illnesses. The clinic also specialises in allergies and dermatological diseases. We are also planning to expand the range of services offered by myPediaclinic to include a focus on childhood obesity, diabetes, endocrine problems and a full range of paediatric dentistry.

What is different about myPediaclinic to other kid’s clinics in the city?
We believe that myPediaclinic offers a high standard of care for children using the latest equipment and expertise. Furthermore, the interior of the clinic is one of a kind in Dubai. It is designed by one of the top interior designers in the US and the walls are hand painted by experienced artists from Jordan, inspired by leading children’s stories and characters to ensure that the environment is welcoming and comfortable for all the clinic’s little guests. We can also do minor skin surgeries using the latest equipment without any bleeding or the need for stitches.

I also give special programs, lectures and seminars for expecting and new parents, taking them through the journey from the delivery room onwards, explaining all possible concerns and sharing my knowledge by giving them helpful tips. Other seminars include topics like allergies, common childhood infections and helpful tips. I also believe it is important to note that my philosophy has been always to avoid giving children unnecessary medications including antibiotics since I feel this can do more harm than good.

What are the most common kid’s problems you deal with and what is your advice to parents on these?
The most common kid’s problems I am dealing with are viral illnesses, ear infections and allergies. In order to avoid viral illnesses, parents should encourage family members to follow proper hygiene routines, especially frequent hand washing. If your kids are infected with a virus, you should avoid sending them to school and limit contact with other family members to avoid spreading the disease. For ear infections, you should avoid feeding your baby while lying flat and avoid exposure to others with cold symptoms. As for allergies, children should avoid triggers like dust, pollution, perfumes, and so on. It is also very important to keep the home smoke-free.

What would you say is the main difference between treating children and adults?
Children, especially the little ones, cannot easily communicate what is bothering them. As a paediatrician, I use all my skills, take good history from parents and do a complete physical examination to come up with a correct diagnosis. Treating children is like solving a difficult puzzle. Arriving at the correct diagnosis in children is critical because some illnesses, if not treated immediately, can escalate causing complications faster than in adults.

How do you approach dealing with kids that are afraid of visiting the Doctor?
Children are sometimes justifiably very scared of doctors because of a previous painful experience or dealing with serious staff members. To overcome this, we have designed our clinic in a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where each room has a different theme - we ask each child to choose the room they like the best. We also put them at ease before any examinations and we’re also careful to explain everything ahead of time in language they can understand.

Are there any seasonal conditions that are particularly common or that parents should watch out for at this time of year?
Parents should watch out for gastrointestinal illnesses, swimmer’s ear, middle ear infections, skin problems and allergies. To prevent gastrointestinal illnesses, it is important to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and also proper handling of food. For swimmer’s ear, you should dry the ears from water after swimming. For middle ear infection, do not allow your child to dive deeply underwater. For skin problems, like eczema, ensure proper skin care by keeping your child’s skin moisturised and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and always use sunscreen.
myPediaclinic, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Razi Building No. 64, Block B, First Floor, Unit No. 1011. info@mypediaclinic.com, www.mypediaclinic.com (04 430 5926).

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