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Business woman and mum of two, Aisha Leitner talks to us about her party company, Party Camel


Business woman and mum of two, Aisha Leitner talks to us about her party company, Party Camel.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in the party business
I planned my own wedding six years ago and you could say my obsession with finding gorgeous products and attention to detail pretty much started then. My interest in the birthday party business really began however, when I put together my daughter’s first birthday party about five years ago. I love sourcing new products and get very excited about bringing new and unique products to this region.

When did you start Party Camel and what was your vision for the company?
I launched Party Camel about a year ago but it has been a work in progress ever since I had my daughters very first birthday party “fairies in the Garden”. My vision has been to provide a one stop shop for busy parents, a place where they can login online and find everything they could ever need to plan a birthday party.

Did you spot a gap in the party market in Dubai for your services?
Yes for sure, every time I planned a birthday party for my little ones I found it impossible to source stylish, affordable products locally. I would always ask family and friends to pick up stuff for me from overseas and would often ‘shop & ship’ which worked out very expensive. It was then that I decided I would go ahead with this dream of an online shop with gorgeous hand-picked products at affordable prices, with speedy delivery straight to your door.

How do you juggle the business and being a busy mum of two? Are your family involved in the day to day running of Party Camel?
I have to say the first year has been insanely busy and I’ve struggled to find a balance - constantly trying to give enough time to my family and then enough time to my business. It’s a battle on the best of days, but as a rule I always spend the late afternoons with my kids, we do an activity, have a family dinner together, I bathe them and take them to bed and it’s my favourite part of the day. My husband has been a great support, and without him none of this would have been possible. We are hiring at the moment and I’m hoping it will get easier as we move in to our new premises with additional staff to help with the day to day running of the business, so fingers crossed this is the case.

Kid’s parties are a hot topic among parents in Dubai. Do you think thousands of Dirhams have to be spent in order to have a good party?
Not at all, I think everyone can have a great, fun party on any budget! Organisation is key though. Plan way ahead and try to add your own personal touch and style to the event. Don’t get carried away trying to keep up with the Jones’s, there will always be a bigger and better party but the main thing is you and your little ones enjoy the day.

What kind of services do Party Camel offer for families?
We are a one-stop online party shop. We sell everything from cups, plates, napkins and party bags to decorations in themes and colours of your choice. We follow the latest trends and bring new products to the market, such as mini milk bottles with lids, washi tape, giant pom poms and gorgeous cake stands. We also partner with some amazing companies in Dubai to bring to you add-on services, so you don’t have to go looking for birthday cakes, photographers, party catering, and party venues or entertainers. We carefully select tried and tested vendors of party services who provide only the best of products and services.

What makes Party Camel stand out in the sea of party companies in Dubai?
We source our products from all around the world, we bring in innovative design led products from leading party ware companies globally. We take service very seriously, and work with a great courier company who care as much as we do that your parcels get to you on time. We also have a secure and easy to use website with multiple payment options. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible hence making it easy for customers to shop locally.

What’s your number one tip for parents when planning their first kid’s party?
Try to keep it simple, and plan thoroughly for the day. Don’t leave things to chance. Try to go for a theme, it makes things simpler and your child is much more likely to enjoy his/her party if it’s themed around something they love. And relax on the day, take it all in and take lots of pictures as the day and the years to follow go by way too quickly!
Visit for more information or call 050 242 1700.

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