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New Fitness First ambassador, Lisa Scott-Lee talks to Time Out Kids about staying in shape
and work-life balance


New Fitness First ambassador, Lisa Scott-Lee talks to Time Out Kids about staying in shapeand work-life balance.

As a busy Mum, how do you find the time to fit exercise and fitness into your routine?
It’s not always easy but it has got easier since the children started nursery and school. I’m a member of Fitness First and as they have a club close to the children’s school, I go to the gym after dropping the children off in the morning, as I’m too tired to go in the evenings!
Fitness First have a great range of classes that start from 8am in the morning so the timings work well for busy mums. I love doing Yoga, Zumba and classes such as body pump and body balance to keep me fit.

Has fitness always been a part of your life or is it something that has become more important since you’ve had your family?
As a trained dancer, fitness has always been a big part of my life but I am more aware of the benefits, now that I’m a mum.

What was your experience of trying to get back into shape following the birth of your kids? What was the hardest part?
I think that new mums should enjoy the special time with their baby and not worry about trying to get back into shape in the early days. There’s a lot of pressure on celebrities and women in general, when it comes to body weight and shape and I think that new mums don’t need the added pressure.

Do you have any top tips on the best way our readers can get back into shape safely after birth?
I loved to get together with my friends, who were also new mums, and go for walks with the babies in their prams, as it was a safe form of exercising. It was a good chance to talk and share tips and advice.

Time Out Kids love their food - how big a part does diet play in your fitness regime?
I love my food too! That’s why I prefer to eat healthily and exercise regularly rather than diet. I think this is the best way to stay fit in the long run too.

For women who have very young children and can’t manage to get out of the house, what is your advice to them in trying to get/stay fit?
Enjoy those precious early days, there’s so much to do with a new born baby that it’s important to eat well and keep your strength up.

Do you have any suggestions of exercises that they can do at home or around the house as they go about their day?
I was forever going up and down the stairs that was my main form of exercise when I had my babies!

How do you find eating as a family - do you eat together?
I was brought up to believe that meal times are an important part of the day, as it’s when you can you all talk and catch up so we always try to eat together as a family when possible. We put the radio on and talk rather than having the TV on which works well. As our children are 4 and 6 years old, they eat around 5pm and so we’ve brought our dinner time earlier so that we can eat as a family, which is a better time for all of us.

Do you have to prepare separate meals for different family members of the family?
It is great if the family can all eat the same meal and so I introduced our children to many types of foods, early on. As my husband and I are following a healthy eating plan right now, we tend to have the same meal as the children minus the carbs.

Please can you share a couple of examples of the healthy meals you eat as a family and/or your fail safe kid’s snacks?
Being British, I love making a roast chicken dinner for my family. I think this is why our children are good at eating their vegetables and so this is something I’d like to continue doing, as I didn’t like eating my veg as a child! It’s a great way of getting your 5 a day and I put all the veg in a steamer and so it’s quick and easy to do. Having lived in hot countries, I often make what our family call a ‘picnic’. It’s basically a selection of everything I have in the fridge, such as peppers, carrots, cucumber, chicken, arabic bread and hummus and the kids love it as it’s colourful and has lots of variety. Again, it’s healthy and quick and easy to put together.

Can you share with us what your favourite workout routine is?
I prefer doing classes to working out in the gym and Fitness First provide a range of daily classes each morning and so I enjoy the variety they provide. It’s important for my job that I keep fit as it leaves me in good stead when I’m touring with Steps but it also makes me feel better and sets me up for the day.

As someone who’s been there, what are your top tips for busy mums trying to maintain a work/life balance and still find time to take care of themselves and exercise?
I’m always trying to find the right balance between work and home life, I think mums often are. I do feel guilty when I’m working and I think most mums will relate to having experienced a feeling of guilt at some point! It comes with the job. For me, I try to get as much done in the mornings when my children are at school so that I can spend some quality time with them each day when they come home.

Is there anything else we haven’t asked you that you’d like to tell us about?
As a mum and Brand Ambassador for Fitness First, I realise the importance of keeping our children fit and active and so my husband and I are excited to be launching our ‘Dubai Performing Arts Academy’. We offer Performing Arts Workshops combining the 3 skills of singing, dancing and drama for ages 4-18. We have a Family Fun Day on Saturday 6th September at Lakes Community Club and we would love to meet you all so bring the family down and enjoy your trial!

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