Disney on Ice in Dubai

Family-friendly ice skating show comes to the Dubai World Trade Centre


In preparation for the arrival of Disney on Ice ‘ROCKIN’ EVER AFTER’ this month we decided to find out more about the show, including how many performers there are and other important stuff like what Donald Ducks favourite movie is!

The lowdown on Donald Duck

Donald Duck

Hey! What’s the big idea?! You wouldn’t ask Minnie that would you? Aw, I’m just kidding. I’m the perfect age!

Wow, I’ve actually got a pretty big family. But I’m closest to my three nephews – Huey, Dewey and Louie. Oh, and I can’t forget my Uncle Scrooge.

Best Friends:
Mickey and Goofy! We’ve been best friends for ages.

None that I know of, though sometimes folks refer to me as “The Duck,” which I like since it sounds important, like “The President.”

Best known for:
My debonair good looks, remarkable talent and, of course, my sweet disposition.

Current residence:

I’ve got a boat over in Toontown next to my good pals, Mickey, and Goofy. But lots of times we’re out traveling to all the places where we get to do our shows.


Oh boy! I like fishing, and swimming, and skating. Hey, they’re all water sports! Guess it must be a duck thing.

What do you never travel without and why:

My earplugs. Goofy always wants to practice his drumming or guitar playing just when I’m trying to take a nap.

Favourite movie to watch on a plane:
Anything starring me, of course! I especially like the ones where I get to be the hero that saves the day.

Tell us about Disney on Ice –presents ROCKIN’ EVER AFTER! and what kids can expect:
It’s a talent show with all sorts of stupendous acts. There’s singing, and dancing, and skating. And me!

Do you think anything unexpected will happen?:
You could say there’s a distinct possibility. Goofy’s the stage manager, so the chances that something goes kerplooey are pretty good.

Favourite Rock n Roll song:

Any song I get to sing!

Facts and figures

Tour and show
Hours it takes to set up the production 12
Hours it takes to tear down the production 3.5
Crew members who travel with the production 14
Number of staff members with production 5
Number of concessions members with production 45
Number of trucks it takes to transport production 9
Number of buses it takes to transport cast, crew and staff 4
Number of cities on the 2013-2014 tour 37
Miles traveled during the 2013-2014 tour 15,927
Average distance between cities 300
Longest trip of the 2013-2014 tour 2449 Miles – Salt Lake City, UT to Fort Myers, FL
Shortest trip of the 2013-2014 tour 27 Miles – LA to Anaheim, CA
Number of trucks needed to haul equipment 12
Number of computers utilized by management 4 Dells & 1 MAC
Average size of ice skating surface 140’x70’
Number of concessions trailers 3

Number of male performers in the production 18
Number of female performers in the production 21
Number of countries represented by cast 6
Age range 18 to 45

September 10-13. Arena Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre.

For tickets and other information visit www.tickets.virginmegastore.me.

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