Disney on Ice comes to the UAE

We chat to the star skater who plays star Belle

Hot seat

You’ve toured the globe with Disney, what do you think of Dubai?
There’s so much to see here. We’ve gone to The Dubai Mall, it’s just overwhelming and amazing to see. We swam at the beach, where the water temperature is [32°C], which I’ve never felt in my life – that is pretty crazy.

Is it weird to you that we have a skating rink in the middle of a shopping centre?
I’ve only seen a couple of rinks in malls, and they’re quite small, so to see a full-sized skating rink in a mall is so cool. It’s fun to see lots of kids here getting into skating.

Do you think Belle is much like you?
Definitely. She finds adventures through books and wants to leave her small town; she knows that there’s more to life than that. So that’s kind of me. I grew up in Minnesota, a kind of a homelier state, and everyone I grew up with kind of knew I was going to leave and go do something. I had to see more and see what was out there. I think I’m definitely doing that. So we have the need for adventure in common.

Apparently your other talent is singing and song-writing?
Yeah, it is. I used to write a lot of songs before I came on tour; I’ve actually travelled with my guitar for the past year. It’s kind of hard to live out of two suitcases and travel with a guitar, so I didn’t bring it this time, but I’m well-known for always finding a piano or a keyboard in the hotel and playing it.

What’s your favourite Disney song?
I’ve always loved the Pocahontas movie, but now playing Belle I am growing to love the classic ‘Be our Guest’.

What’s the camaraderie like among the cast and crew for the show?
We have around 40 skaters. We all spend a lot of time together, it’s such a unique situation. We call it our tour family, because that’s who you have by your side throughout the whole year, so you definitely get close.

What kind of a show can people look forward to if we come and see Disney on Ice?
This is definitely a high energy show. It’s the most modern Disney on Ice show yet. We have Eric and Ariel for the whole Little Mermaid segment and ‘Under the Sea’, where there’s just so many colours and great costumes and lots going on. The second half features Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave, and this is the only show that she makes it to the ice. Then, it finishes with Beauty and the Beast – and that’s when you’ll see me out there.
Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After! Dhs175-Dhs2000. September 10-13, 6pm. Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, www.disneyonice.com. Tickets available from Virgin Megastores, various locations including The Dubai Mall (04 3253 330).

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