Birthday gifts kids really want

Kids do us a favour and share their thoughts on fool-proof favourites


These gift ideas are sure to please. How do we know? Because we asked kids from Dubai (aged three to 12) what they’d like to get from their friends on their special day. Mums, don’t panic - they didn’t go for the priciest or the latest. We think you’ll be surprised with what they asked for…

BOYS: Under Dhs50
Hot Wheels five car gift pack: Dhs49; Babyshop.
Thomas, eight, from Gems Wellington International School. “Hot Wheels are the best and I am hoping I get lots of my birthday which is next week. I am trying to collect all the colours and I want to beat my friends.”

GIRLS: Under Dhs 50
Disney Princess Nail Set Assortment: Dhs45; Toys”R”Us.
Jessica, 11, and Rhianna, 12, from English College. “I would like to get this because I could play with my friends on my birthday and we could do our nails. It would be like we are getting ready for a party.”

BOTH: Under Dhs50
Inflatable Globe: Dhs39; ELC.
Nakita, seven, picked this as her ‘I-hope-I-get-it’ gift because she likes to travel. “I want to learn about countries so I can go and visit them with my family. I also like animals.”

BOYS: Under Dhs 100
Gravity loop: Dhs 79; ELC.
Nakita’s brother, Alexi, 10, didn’t hesitate to grab the death-defying stunt car and track. “I have played at my friend’s house and I want one”, (he’s not our child so we didn’t remind him to say “would like one” despite really wanting to). “I only like to play with boys because girls can’t drive fast cars.”

GIRLS: Under Dhs 100
My First Doll: Dhs65; ELC.
We were reliably informed that Lucy, 6, and Marida, 7, played “mums having tea” for the time it took ‘actual mum’ to arrange an entire birthday party for her eldest son. “They love cuddling them and they act out all kinds of scenarios. It’s actually very funny to watch,” says actual mum. “Mine is called Poppy but I changed her name to Lucy because she’s mine and I can,” piped up Lucy. No arguments here.

BOTH: Under Dhs 100
Play-Doh Double Treat Ice Cream Set: Dhs 65; Toys”R”us.
“It actually makes ice cream,” says Eric, 10, before his twin sister, Rebecca, puts him straight. “It isn’t ice cream. You can’t eat it otherwise you might die,” she insists. To clear things up it’s a super realistic ice cream (just for Eric) machine. Comes complete with fill, press, scoop, 14 tools and accessories and three cans of special Play-Doh (or ice cream for the benefit of Eric’s imagination).

BOYS: Under Dhs 200
Spider Man Hero FX Glove: Dhs120; Toy Store.
Feel like Spiderman when you put on this cool, electronic glove. Ryan, 9, from Al Ain, didn’t stand still long enough to talk to us. “You flick your wrist and you hear the noise,” he screamed across the store. “I think this is what I would have. Then I can be Spider Man.”

GIRLS: Under Dhs 200
Monster High Picnic Casket Doll Set: Dhs199; Toys“R”Us.
This dolls appear to have taken over the nearly-teens. “Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll are my best characters,” says 12-year-old Airea. “All my friends have Monster High dolls now. I would love this one.”

BOTH: Under Dhs 200
Disney Frozen Olaf Plush: Dhs 180; Borders.
Pull him apart and hear him scream. It went down well. “You pull out his carrot nose and he’ll get really mad,” laughs Jake and Ryan, 8. “We don’t like the dolls from Frozen but Olaf is so cool.” You have been warned!
All toys available from Toys“R”Us, Borders, Early Learning Centre, The Toy Store and Babyshop.

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