Post-baby services in Dubai

Support groups, supermarket deliveries, midwife advice and more

Prepare for the first couple of months with your new baby by adding these top Dubai services to speed dial…

Baby Steps Dubai
The Service: You will need to obtain a local Arabic Birth Certificate and an English Translated Birth Certificate after the birth of your baby, which can involve a fair amount of running around the city – at a time, of course, when you’d rather be sat at home cuddling your newborn. Call Baby Steps Dubai and they will do the hard work for you, providing both birth certificates in three working days (normal service) or within 24-hours (express service). The company will pick up documents from your door (or hospital bed) and will deliver everything back a few days later with the
completed documents.
The Details: Dhs570 (normal), Dhs670 (express). Fill out an online application at or call 04 273 0313.

Healthbay Polyclinic Community Midwives
When you leave hospital with your newborn, you may be surprised to discover that your first check up is weeks away. So what about the care in the early days to check that you are healing and coping well, your baby is thriving, and your chosen method of feeding is working? This is where Healthbay Polyclinic steps in, offering visits with experienced Western-trained midwives in the comfort of your own home. Your friendly midwife will arrive promptly at a pre-booked time, making sure that things are ticking over well at home – and providing much-needed support and peace of mind.
Dhs390 for one visit or Dhs1100 for a package of three.. Contact Healthbay Polyclinic on 04 348 7140.

Geant Online
Getting out the door and into the car when you have a newborn baby isn’t always the easiest task – so why not do your supermarket shop online? Stay at home and log onto Geant Online, where you can browse the virtual shelves from the comfort of your own sofa. Add items to your online basket, before selecting the perfect time slot for delivery. You can order fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, dry cupboard items, household cleaning supplies, nappies and formula, and lots more. Geant is one of the better-priced supermarkets in the UAE, meaning that you can save dirhams as you order too.
Log onto and start adding to your online basket. You will be able to choose your delivery time slot at checkout.

Emirates Home Nursing
Whether you need a little extra help with your brood at home - or you want to head out for the first time with your husband for a well-deserved evening out, Emirates Home Nursing will send a trained and experienced nurse to care for your baby. Staff are trained to listen to instructions carefully regarding routine, feeding, and structured play – and you can rest assured that your little one will be in safe hands, with all nurses trained and certified in Basic Life Support and First Aid.
Dhs50 per hour (six hour minimum booking). Log onto or call 800 687 7464.

Mothers’ Support Group, Mediclinic City Hospital
Whether you are struggling with latch, supply, or feeding positions, it is essential to see a lactation consultant for help and support to set you back on the right track with breastfeeding. Mediclinic City Hospital runs a monthly support group for mothers in Dubai, with lactation consultants on hand to offer advice, answer questions, allay fears and give reassurance. Meetings occasionally feature experts including paediatricians, physiotherapists and dieticians to offer their expertise, with the meeting ending with refreshments. And the best bit? It’s completely free.
Free of charge. For more information or to book by emailing

Busy Bees Dubai
If you don’t have regular help at home, now is the time to get it – and Busy Bees Dubai can provide a regular cleaning service to keep your apartment or villa pristine while your mind is firmly with baby. Take your mind off the scrubbing, dusting, mopping, bed changes, and bin emptying (and everything in between) and allow an experience maid to take charge. Charged at an hourly rate, with the flexibility to increase or decrease hours every week, it’s definitely one company new mums will want to have on speed dial.
Dhs40 per hour, with long-term packages available. Visit or call 050 709 0626.

Baby Bazaar
Having a baby in Dubai can be expensive, with the cost of clothing, furniture, buggies, bedding, and feeding equipment adding up to some total. If you realise you are missing something in the first few months, why not save dirhams by heading to Dubai’s best-loved sale for mums and babies? Baby Bazaar takes place once a month at Times Square Center and is packed with stalls set up by Dubai-based mums that no longer need their baby and maternity items. The stalls are vetted before doors open to make sure everything sold is the best possible quality.
Free entry. The last Saturday of every month at Times Square Center between 10am and 2pm.

Support Groups

Breastfeeding Q&A
Whether you have problems in the early days, issues with your supply, or questions regarding weaning, the support group Breastfeeding Q&A can help. Based on Facebook, members of the group can ask any question they like, with over 600 breastfeeding mothers and counselors to offer first-hand advice. The group’s privacy is closed, so that only members of the group see your posts.
Free of charge, Search ‘Breastfeeding Q&A’ on Facebook and request to join.

Out of the Blues
Postnatal illness can affect one in 10 mothers but it is widely misunderstood and often goes untreated. Luckily for mums in Dubai, a support group exists that can help new mums in their hour of need so that nobody has to suffer alone. You can log into the closed Facebook group (where your posts remain private) or attend one of the monthly coffee mornings or evening support groups organised by the group.
Free of charge. Search ‘Out of the Blues’ on Facebook or email the group directly at

Twins Plus ME
If you are expecting twins, triplets, or more, this Dubai-based group will offer support and advice from fellow multiple mummies that have been there and done that. Log onto the Facebook page (a closed group) to chat with the other mums, arrange play dates, buy and sell items for twins, and find out about family events held regularly in Dubai.
Free of charge. Search ‘Twins Plus ME’ on Facebook.

Small and Mighty Babies
Founded by the mum of a premature baby born at Mediclinic City Hospital, this support group offers support and regular meet-ups to all mothers of babies born too soon. Whether you want an understanding voice at the end of the phone, or attend the monthly lunch meet-ups, you will find the support invaluable. The group also holds monthly group meetings at Mediclinic City Hospital for the parents of babies in the NICU and helps with useful contacts for medical care, and lots more.
Free of charge. Log onto or search ‘Small and Mighty Babies’ on Facebook.

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