Sugar Moo in Dubai

New online bakery, Sugar Moo, delivers right to your door


Master baker and mum of two, Sandy Maaz talks to Time Out Kids about Sugar Moo – a new online bakery that delivers right to your door.

Tell us about yourself Sandy, and how long you have been living in Dubai?
I moved to Dubai six months ago from LA with my two girls, Leya and Talia. I’ve always been such a passionate and determined person and had my mind set on moving to Dubai, so that’s what I did! In LA, I did several shows for the food network as well as freelance events and dessert tables. I would do the creative set up but instead of outsourcing my desserts, I would actually make every single dessert and cake on the table. Baking and creativity is my form of de-stressing. I absolutely love it!

Where did your idea for SugarMoo come from?
To be honest, the idea wasn’t mine. An old friend who lives here in Dubai (the Co-founder of Sugar Moo) was following all of my dessert posts on Instagram and Facebook and he came up with this concept of opening an online bakery that would deliver hybrid desserts to customers, wherever they are. I implemented it and was the creative mind behind the look and feel of Sugar Moo. I also created the yummy recipes!

How long did it take for your idea to become a reality?
When I moved here, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It was a start-up and I really had no clue how much dedication and hard work went into a start-up company. As a new comer to Dubai we did face challenges along the way but overcoming them and moving forward was extremely self-rewarding.

How do you juggle running the business and being a mum?
To be honest, it’s really not easy! I’ve always been such a hands on mom in my girl’s life that I needed to find a balance to ensure that I wasn’t compromising anything with my kids or with Sugar Moo. My life revolves around my kids, and at the same time doing this is my passion. When I finish with my work no matter how tired I am, I make it a point to do activities with the girls and spend as much time with them as possible.

How involved are your family?
My kids love to see their mom doing what she’s so passionate about, and I try to involve them as much as possible. If we have a weekend event, I never go without dragging them along, we make it a family outing, and they love it!

How did you decide on the menu? What’s on offer exactly?
Raki Phillips (the co-founder of Sugar Moo) wanted the desserts to be hybrid and different. Coming from LA I was exposed to so many funky little trends that I haven’t seen here in Dubai, so after researching the market here, I decided to create desserts that have a traditional delicious base but with some sort of unique twist. My favorite is the brownie bomb - it’s a delicious moist American brownie stuffed with traditional middle eastern yummies like halawa and baklava.

Why will SugarMoo appeal to families in Dubai?
I think it will appeal to everyone in Dubai, not only to families. We also cater children’s events, birthday parties, dinners at home – anything really!

That answers our next question about whether you cater to birthday parties!
We definitely do. Actually that’s our specialty! You can pick from any of our desserts and we can work to customize them to suit your event and theme. You can order desserts from Sugar Moo only or choose to have the whole themed dessert table set-up.

Do you have kid friendly/less sugary options on the menu?
I am working on that menu next. We wanted to perfect our decadent little guilty pleasures first and now the focus is on a healthier option made from natural ingredients, and sugar free without compromising the taste.

Where would you like to see it go over the next few years?
I think it would be great to have Sugar Moo be a known dessert brand in the UAE and be ranked amongst the best in terms of creativity and dessert quality. It really is an incredible feeling to be a part of something right from the beginning and watch it succeed. (04 277 8264).

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