Hotseat: Janet Andrews

Maple Bear Nursery academic director shares her memories of school

Maple Bear Nursery

Job Title:
Regional academic director

Where did you go to school?
My first school, Miramar South, was in Wellington, New Zealand. My father was in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and when I was around 11 years old he was transferred to an Air Force base named Hobsonville. I went to school in Hobsonville and we then moved to Auckland where I attended Pasadena Intermediate. For High School I went on to Auckland Girls’ Grammar School. It was a very traditional school with teachers wearing academic gowns. The teachers I had there were amazing women – all very well educated and passionate about getting girls to achieve well.

What was your favourite subject?
My favourite subject in school was science. I particularly enjoyed learning about the natural environment – plants and animals. I enjoyed the botany classes at AGGS and I’m still very interested in learning about plants and animals.

What was your least favourite?
My least favourite subject was Latin. At Auckland Girl’s Grammar I was required to study Latin for two years before I was finally allowed to drop it. It was such a relief.

Did you have a favourite teacher?
A teacher I remember well was named Mr. Drake. He was my Standard Four teacher. I remember him because he made me think and challenged me to do better. He was a kind man and encouraged everyone in class.

Were you good or naughty?
Most of the time, I was a good student. A teacher once described me to my mother as being very ‘wholesome’. I was annoyed at this comment and said ‘I feel like a loaf of bread!’ Most of the time I was very well behaved.

What’s the naughtiest thing you did at school?
I got told off for fighting with rulers. I remember being teased by some children name calling ‘Janet and John’ and that was the start of the fight. You might remember there was a series of children’s readers called Janet and John. I’m not sure why we started fighting but we were pretending our rulers were swords and a teacher caught us.

What’s your happiest memory from your school days?
I was happy to hear that I was accepted into the program at Auckland Teachers’ College.

What’s your worst?
I got sent home from school once because I had ringworm. My brother had found a stray kitten which he brought home to play with. I was unlucky enough to get it on my nose, he had it all over his tummy.

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