Reademption in Dubai

The Library at Reademption is creating a new generation of book-lovers


We all know the benefits of reading from an early age, so we were thrilled to hear about a new library in Dubai. We asked founder Jitesh Surjiani all about it.

What is Reademption?
In a proverbial sense, Reademption embodies deliverance, rescue, freedom from intellectual lethargy and a gateway to diverse experiences. It is UAE’s first and only new-age library providing a multi-channel reading experience across books, eBooks, audiobooks and
online resources.

Reademption opened in October 2014 with an aim to provide a holistic reading experience to all its patrons in an environment that is warm, friendly and inspiring.

What was your inspiration?
The idea for Reademption came from a growing concern about the intellectual disarming of children’s minds through media and gadgets. I felt that Reademption sounded like a literary-powered vehicle that would allow the written word and the gadget world to cohabitate. Through cost-effective access to a wide content of physical and digital books, young and old alike can use their time in a stimulating way at Reademption.

How can we encourage children to read more books?
One of the most common questions posed by parents visiting Reademption is ‘how do I get my child to read?’ After a bit of probing, it is common that the parents themselves haven’t read a book for ages and have unintentionally become fixated with smartphones and tablets. Being seen reading a book before bedtime or better still, reading to their children is a great motivator to their children and a healthy start.

They say, ‘books and minds work only when they’re open’. So we want to give your and your child the gift of lifetime learning at Reademption.

What do you get for your membership?
For a nominal charge of Dhs100, you can borrow unlimited physical books and access digital resources (eBooks, Audiobooks, Britannica Digital Encyclopedia, Mango Languages, Busythings, Tumblebooks). While the physical books can be borrowed for a month (extendable by another month), the digital resources can be accessed through Reademption’s App on any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. As a token of a newly-forged friendship, children get a special welcome kit that contains amongst other goodies, a Reademption library card with their name on it.

What kind of books are available and in which languages?
Reademption’s collection currently comprise over 40000 titles in English, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi in physical and digital format. The titles cover all genres (fiction and non-fiction) and age groups (children and adults).

The children’s collection is in three broad categories (3-7 years, 8-12 years and Young Adults). Each category contains books from around the world and tagged to a lexile level that allows children to pick books that correspond with their reading level.

For adults, there are mysteries, thrillers, romance, classics, sci-fi). Non-fiction includes books on management, biographies, politics, social sciences, philosophy and self help. The collection is being constantly updated based on feedback to include titles that cater to the UAE’s culturally diverse population.

Are there any special events for kids at Reademption?
Reademption holds Book Clubs for children on the second Friday of each month. The Clubs are separately held for two age groups (Under 7 years and 8 years and above). In each session, the children are creatively engaged through character building, book reading, book reviews, and debates. We hope that they not only enjoy themselves but in the process, discover a love of the written word.

In addition, there are movie clubs that are held once a month. The intention of all gatherings is for like-minded children to interact with each other in a stimulating environment. The activity calendar is published on our website.

I live far from Reademption. How can I access it?
Not living near the library in Dubai shouldn’t be a deterrent. You can still browse through the catalogue on the website or through the mobile app and select books that can be delivered to your doorstep and picked back up. All the digital resources can be accessed directly through the app.

How do you join Reademption? 
Enroll by visiting the library located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Mazaya Centre. Alternatively, log onto and choose a membership plan.

The Library is open seven days a week, 10am to 7pm on Thursday-Saturday and 4pm to 7pm on Fridays). For queries, call 04 3212521 or email

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