Melissa McBride interview

Head of primary at Hartland International School shares her memories of school


Melissa McBride

Hartland International School

Job Title
Head of Primary

Where did you go to school?
I was educated in Canada for my primary and secondary years and then went on to the University of Western Ontario, where I completed a BA in Media and History, and after that a Bachelor of Education. More recently, I completed a Masters in Education from the Institute of Education in London, UK.

What was your favourite subject?
I loved history and english and was lucky to have fantastic teachers for these subjects, who inspired me. I also really enjoyed the practical side of science.

What was your least favourite?
Maths – I had to work really really hard in this area and it was not a subject I found easy.

Did you have a favourite teacher?
Mrs Joy Bell – my fifth grade teacher.

Were you good or naughty?
A bit of both.

What was the naughtiest thing you did at school?
I jumped out of the class window with some of my classmates when we had a supply teacher. This was in sixth grade. I ended up spending the next day with junior kindergarten for an in-school suspension.

What’s your happiest memory from your school days?
I remember most the time spent with childhood friends and celebrations of achievements and special events.

What about your worst one?
I remember my final high school exam – it was the first exam I had to take on the computer and it was for my final year creative english writing exam. I completely froze and had a mental writers block. The realisation that a significant chapter in my life was finishing as I completed secondary school and a new adventure of university lay ahead. Fortunately, I had a wonderful teacher who gave me support when I needed it and I completed the exam paper.

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