Pixies Bows in the UAE

Meet the woman determined to bring bows and headbands to little heads in the UAE


These adorable bows and hairbands are coming to the UAE! We talk to founder Roxy Jacenko about her little girl Pixie and their successful business together, Pixies Bows.

When you started, did you have any idea of its’ future success?
I could never have imagined a hobby could become such a success, but I also suppose at the back of my mind, the entrepreneur in me does everything with the desire to succeed. We have certainly run with every opportunity that has come our way to ensure it has grown into a successful business.

How involved were your family in setting up and getting started?
It’s certainly a full family affair. Pixie’s in charge of choosing the colours right through to testing each of the samples that come in to make sure they are comfortable and stay put in the hair given how much little ones run around.

My husband is always on hand to help sort stock when big deliveries come in and my mother, Doreen helps me with the paperwork and general clerical on the business — she is from a product development background so her knowledge has made our dreams a reality!

What kind of feedback have you had from parents?
Parents have emailed us letting us know that their children won’t leave the house without their Pixies Bows. It’s so nice to hear from clients and see them share their pictures on social media of their little ones enjoying their bows. I also love the fact that the collection is really just taking kids fashion back to classic ‘girly’ styling.

Where do you see the company going in the next five years?
We are in the process of developing a Baby & Toddler Skincare line which features organic and all natural body wash, shampoos, wipes, sunscreen right through to nappies. Being in the marketing game and as a new mother, the kids’ market is one where there is so much growth potential.

What are your plans for Pixies Bows in the UAE?
The UAE is somewhere we as a family have been looking forward to visiting so when the opportunity came about with Pixies Bows to visit we couldn’t jump quick enough. We see a lot of orders coming through the www.pixiespix.com.au website from the UAE, so it was a natural progression to visit your beautiful country and bring the bows to what is a very popular region for us.

How did Pixies Bows come to be?
I had made Pixie some hair bows to wear and rarely does she ever leave the house without them. People started commenting on her Instagram @pixiecurtis about how they loved them and would love to buy some for their daughters so we thought — well, we should be making them!

Talk us through your typical working day.
No day in my world is ever the same, but the rush of having so many opportunities makes the juggle so incredible. I run a PR company in Australia called Sweaty Betty PR, which has grown in the ten years since opening, to be one of the most recognised names in PR. In addition, in the last 12 months I have opened an agency which specialises in digital - managing some of the biggest blog and Instagram stars, including Pixie. It’s certainly a juggle with two children (Hunter, nine months, and Pixie, three), but my husband and mum help me every day to make sure that I have the chance to continue growing the businesses I am running along with the further development of Pixie’s brands. It’s all about up at 6.30am and to bed at 2am, and then doing it all again the next day!

What are the Pixies Bows bestsellers?
The medium sized bow is certainly the best seller size wise in the range, capri blue, snow and red velvet proving very popular. Pinks are always in-demand and seasonal colours such as camo and mocha are running out the door in the headbands.

How do you feel when you see celebrity kids around the world wearing Pixies Bows?
It’s totally surreal. Waking up to google alerts seeing people like Suri Cruise, Honor Warren (Jessica Alba’s daughter), Everly Tatum (Channing Tatum’s daughter) to name just a few is just incredible!
Visit www.pixiespix.com.au for more information on Pixies Bows

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