Midwife home visits in Dubai

Midwifery Manager Skye Brown from Bayti baby on how to get newborn help at home

Midwife home visits in Dubai

Tell us about your midwifery service
This midwifery home service is a home care licensed, evidence-based service called bayti baby as part of BAYTI Home Healthcare LLC, BAYTI meaning ‘home’ in Arabic. The service opened to mothers of Abu Dhabi in December 2014. We use NHS and NICE guidelines to provide best possible practice. We offer packages of care to women in the prenatal and postnatal periods. We believe every pregnant woman deserves to have non-biased information regarding her care and childbirth options, as well as a continuous support system that helps parents to strengthen their own abilities to cope with parenthood.

Tell us about you and your background
I am a 27 year old half Chinese and half English passionate midwife. I am a qualified nurse and midwife from London and have worked as a health professional in the NHS since 2009, and found my passion in midwifery in 2011.
I moved to the UAE in December 2013, and felt there was a lack of support and continuity of care for women during pregnancy and beyond.

Where did the idea come from to provide this to expectant mothers?
I had been offered a job as a labour ward midwife in the capital and with a heavy heart could not accept the job. I had seen women in the community suffering from post-natal depression as well as going into labour with such a lack of preparation that left them unsatisfied with their birth experience. This is when I found the drive to create the community midwifery service. I work for a local home care company called ‘BAYTI Home healthcare’ which enabled me to have this extraordinary opportunity to create Abu Dhabi’s very first licensed service.

How can you make pregnancy experience easier for women?
We offer ‘woman-centred care’. The definition of this is where the person who is in charge of the pregnancy is the pregnant mother herself. The packages we offer include prenatal personalised one-to-one education with a list of topics that the client can choose herself. Once the mother has been discharged back home, we are there to provide continuity of care at a place she feels most comfortable. We look at new mothers in a holistic manner, to ensure she is feeling well not just clinically but emotionally.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai have an incredibly diverse multi-cultural society and with a large expat community, women need to have support to enable a smooth recovery from birth especially when living overseas away from their usual support network. We truly believe that every woman regardless of the mode of delivery should have a qualified health professional to provide personalised care. A service such as bayti baby can enable what can seem like a difficult time, turn into a wonderful experience for new parents.

What services do you offer?
We offer in a nutshell:
• Antenatal education in the home
• After birth mother and baby health surveillance
• One to one parent training and education
• Maternal mental health support
• Wound care
• Baby weighing
• Breast feeding support
• Information on how to sterilise and bottle feed safely.

Where are you based?
We have offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Hopefully with its future success within Abu Dhabi, we will expand with a bigger team to Dubai.

How can they go about booking you?
They can either call our office at selected opening times on 02 6280888, or e-mail myself the maternity manager at baby@baytihhc.com.

What are the future plans?
When we have an appropriate amount of interested women who book our service, we hope to hold antenatal classes. For now, we offer personalised one to one care. We are totally committed and strongly believe in providing high quality maternity services to expectant mums and to mums of all stages in the postnatal period.
We need to continually look after mothers of the UAE especially in a country of such high caesarean section rates.

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