How easy is it to get pregnant?

How easy is it really to get pregnant? Medical experts separate myth from reality

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Myth? - Humans are very efficient at conceiving babies

This is not not really true, explains Dr. Walid Sayed, medical director, consultant obstetrics and gynecology (infertility) at HealthPlus Fertility Center in Abu Dhabi.

Did you know that, at any given month, the chance of a perfectly normal couple getting pregnant is of only about 25 percent? So, unless you are one of the very lucky ones who conceives straightaway, chances are you won’t be pregnant the first month you start trying. Hang in there. On the other hand, you don’t want to wait forever before you seek medical advice. If after one year of trying you are still unable to conceive, perhaps it is time to do a little investigation.

Dr. Sayed explains, “If the couple is young, healthy and parameters are normal, for example the woman has regular periods, there is no need to suspect there is something wrong before one year of continuous trying,”

Myth? - Women who have miscarriaged will miscarry again

“Not necessarily,” said Dr. Sayed. Many women have miscarriages and most of these occur before the mother even realises she is pregnant. Anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of clinically recognised pregnancies will end in miscarriage. And there are many reasons why women miscarry. Sometimes, it’s a natural selection your body makes in case the fertilised egg doesn’t grow well in the early developmental stages because of a random genetic error.

Myth? - Women who already have children will easily conceive again
Getting pregnant again may not be as easy as the first time around. In women, egg quality can deteriorate while certain medical conditions such as polyps, cysts, endometriosis and fibroids can appear with time. Men, in turn, may find that their sperm count and quality has declined.

“More and more we hear about cases of secondary infertility, where women are unable to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term after the birth of one or more children. It is important to note that in this case we only consider a couple infertile after two years of continuous trying. Then we need to find out what has changed between the first or last pregnancy and now”, said Dr. Sayed.

Myth? - Only women have fertility issues
Not true. In about half the time couples have infertility problems, men do contribute to them. They are actually responsible for about 30 percent of infertile couples. In addition, although people mostly talk about women’s biological clock ticking, men’s fertility also begins to dip after age 35.

All that couples need to get pregnant is the help of a good fertility expert
If only it were that simple… Yes, sure, it is important to consult fertility experts and investigate the possible causes of why couples are not able to conceive. But it is also crucial to relax and not obsess too much about it. Equilibrium of body and mind can be a key factor here. “Couples who have difficulty conceiving go through a rollercoaster of emotions,” explains Dr. Hoda Smidi, clinical psychologist at HealthPlus Fertility Center. “They have to deal with their own sadness, anxiety, guilt and unsuccessful trials to conceive, while facing enormous pressure from family and friends who are sometimes unaware of the ordeal they are going through. Therapy can help them explore their feelings openly and freely in an environment where they feel safe and are not judged.”
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