Family life in Dubai

The Bruce family tell <em>Time Out</em> about living in The Springs, why they think Dubai is so cool and the fact that their dog is an alien


So, how do you guys like living in Dubai?
Annaliese, 11:
It’s really easy to make friends here. The kids at school are nicer than in Australia, the boys too! In Australia boys and girls usually play separately but here it’s much more united.

Jacob, 5: We have lots of friends and we play in the park.

Kaitlyn, 7: I like Ski Dubai. We’re all learning to ski. It’s really good.

Where’s your favourite place to go and play?
Emily, 10:
The beach. Fridays are always family day and I love to go to the beach, the one between the palaces. Dad drives his car right onto the sand and we have a barbecue.

Jacob: We like to go to Za’beel park and take our bikes and ride around.

Kaitlyn: And Children’s City too, we have lots of fun there.

Annaliese: On Christmas Day our mum and dad surprised us with a big Hummer limousine and we all drove in it to the Boardwalk at Dubai Creek. It was really cool!

Where else do you like to eat?
Kaitlyn: I love the pyramids made out of potatoes (dosa) that we get at the Indian Pavillion because after we’ve been skiing we need lots of hot food.

Jacob: My favourite is when we get up early and walk around the lake and go to Shakespeare’s for breakfast. I always get pancakes with lots and lots of chocolate syrup.

What’s it like having so many brothers and sisters?
It’s nice. We’re very lucky to have a big family. They keep me company but sometimes my sisters and brother annoy me.

Emily: Especially Kaitlyn and Jacob. They can be really irritating on the school bus. We always dibby-dobby [tell tales] on them!

Annaliese: But Kaitlyn is the dibby-dobbiest. Ask Kaitlyn if you want to know anything about anyone or find anything in the house.

Kaitlyn: But I think Jacob’s the craziest!

Annaliese: And Emily’s the funniest. In the park once she was climbing a tree and the sprinklers came on so she had to stay up the tree for 10 minutes until they went off!

Emily: Annaliese is definitely the smartest.

Kaitlyn: No, she’s the meanest!

And are your mum and dad silly?
All: Yes!

Annaliese: Mum once broke her ankle playing a game where she was supposed to jump on a balloon but she missed! She was on crutches for six weeks.

Emily: And Dad! On our second day in Dubai, we were trying to get to the Springs but we got lost and ended up in Sharjah.

Kaitlyn: And we got lost when we went to Fujairah. That took us five whole hours.

Jacob: And when we got there we drove to the farthest end of the beach and got stuck in the sand.

Er, and can you explain why your dog’s head is green?
Because she’s an alien.

Jacob: We were making things and some green paint got on her head and then we decided to paint it.

Kaitlyn: That was a week ago and it won’t come out.

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