Children's stories

The Silly Sheep and other fantastic stories by budding authors from schools in Dubai

The Silly Sheep

By Adam Worrall, 6, Mirdiff
Once upon a time there was a very very silly sheep. He ran off a cliff to get away from a farmer because he didn’t want to get all his wool cut off. He fell in the sea and a shark gobbled him up.

Gingerbread Man

By Shideh, 10, Jumeirah
One sunny morning, there was a boy called Gunther. He was seven years old. Gunther lived with his parents. His dad was a doctor and his mum was just a mum that worked in the house, cleaning and cooking. Gunther had no friends because everyone teased him because he was quite small – in fact, really small.

Every day Gunther came home crying to his mum. Gunther’s mum told the teacher but nobody listened. One day, their teacher read them a story called ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Gunther got a good idea and told everyone, ‘I’m going to bake a gingerbread man and he will be my new best friend.’

Everyone laughed. SUDDENLY Gunther ran out of the room and ran home because even the teacher was laughing. When he got home, he told his mum and his mum said, ‘OK, let’s bake a gingerbread man.’ Gunther’s mum knew it wouldn’t work, but she said it so Gunther wouldn’t get sad.

The next day was Saturday, so Gunther had no school. At 8am, Gunther and his mum baked the gingerbread man. It didn’t take that long. After a while, Gunther’s mum brought it out of the pan and SLOWLY the gingerbread man moved and happily said, ‘Hello! Hello! I’m the gingerbread man and I’m here to be your best friend. Do you want to be my best friend?’ he asked as he pointed to Gunther.

Gunther and his mum were so surprised. Gunther said ‘Yes’ and so they went to Gunther’s room and played. Gunther’s mum started cleaning the kitchen but she kept thinking about the gingerbread man. The day after that, Gunther went to school and showed everyone. Everyone started saying sorry and stopped teasing him and so they all lived happily ever after.

Anthony the Ant

By Gareth, 10, Al Sufouh
Anthony the Ant was playing by the riverside when he fell into the river. ‘Help, help!’ he yelled but no one could hear him.

A cheetah was passing by. He heard the ant and pulled him out. The ant thanked the cheetah as much as he could and said to him that he would repay him someday. The cheetah just laughed and ran away.

One day, the cheetah was roaming through the plains when a hunter saw him. He shot him but just missed. The cheetah yelled. The ant heard the cheetah and ran to the hunter and bit him. Then the hunter died and the cheetah was safe. The cheetah thanked the ant and they were best friends.

The Flower Rhyme

By Giorgia Patten, 10, Palm Jumeirah
Flowers are colourful and bright, Just like a kite. Their petals are very fine. Flowers come in all shapes and sizes, People love them as prizes. Flowers come in many colours such as Red, white, pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, Lavender, and deep burgundy and many more. Flowers also smell nice, that’s why some people Keep them in their house. People also keep them in their house because they look good. Flowers got their name from their tradition a long time ago.

Driving in Dubai

By Isabella Li, 7, The Springs
Don’t get mad or you can get sad....(because you may crash!)

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