Little literary favourites

Kids in Dubai are reading up a storm. They tell <em>Time Out </em>about their favourite story books

Michael Mossa, 6, Mirdiff

My favourite book is Jack and the Beanstalk because the boy is so good and wants to help his mum get food to live. Jack went up the beanstalk and saw where the giant lived and Jack got some food from the giant’s wife. The bad giant was sleeping so Jack got the money and everything else the giant stole from his dad. Then the big giant had a smashing thing and he was going to smash the house. Jack’s mum was very proud and happy.

Isabella Li, 7, The Springs

My favourite books are the Rainbow Magic ones by Daisy Meadows because I love fairies and I love adventures.

Adam Worrall, 6, Mirdiff

I like Richard Scarry and I also like secret agent books which are about secret agents who are secret people. They solve mysteries and they try to fight to get treasures like diamonds and treasure chests, and they fight against baddies to stop people getting killed. They’re really good fighters – they can jump up in the air and kick at the same time to get baddies who have jet packs.

Sasha Li, 4, The Springs

My favourite book is Learn to Read because it is very nice and teaches you stuff.

Mada Otte, 7, Mirdiff

I like Tin Tin because Tin Tin has a pet dog called Snowy and he goes on missions and saves the world. My favourite place Tin Tin has been is the Egyptian pyramids. While he was in the pyramids, he found some things, some small things, and there were these guys with masks and they sprayed stink bombs and then he fell down. Then Snowy went into those pyramids and he fainted and people put them in those mummy cases, and Snowy too!

Julian Popovski-Jones, 7, Arabian Ranches

My favourite book is Egyptian Pyramids because I like ancient Egyptian artefacts and pharaohs and mummies and things.

Salma El Sayed, 10, Mirdiff

My favorite book is The Princess Diaries, which is about a girl who has to learn how to be a princess. She has lots of problems – she has a boyfriend and he’s travelling and she doesn’t want him to travel. I think it would be fun to be a princess.

Scott Worrall, 6, Mirdiff

My favourite book is Spider-Man – I like the way he can swing on webs and he can shoot web out of his finger, and he can spin the baddies on his web. I think it would be cool to be able to swing on a web like that.

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