Dubai's best bloggers - mums

Take a look at some of the lovely mummy bloggers in Dubai

Dubai's best bloggers - mums

Baby Drool by Faye Bartle
Faye says:
“This blog takes a humourous look at motherhood from the perspective of a British expat living in Dubai. As well as providing anecdotes on everyday moments that all mums can relate to, from negotiating newborn bedtimes to finding inventive ways to steal 10 minutes of ‘me’ time. It contains useful information about child-friendly venues, classes and facilities in the UAE.

Baby Drool is written by Faye Bartle, a Dubai-based journalist with over 10 years’ experience and new mum to baby Xander James, born in February 2014.”
Visit www.

Mum of Boys by Louise Emma Clarke

Louise says:
So who am I? My name is Louise and I am wife to Charlie and mum to Stanley, born 11th April 2012 and Wilfred, born 29th January 2014. We are a British family living in Dubai, UAE, whilst enjoying our summers and christmases back in Kent in the UK. I’m a beauty, lifestyle, and kids journalist by trade and spend the mornings working for a number of magazines and newspapers as a freelance writer, before spending the afternoons with my boys playing, and the evenings blogging.

I blog honestly, so that mothers all over the world realise we are all in it together. Whether that banana was flung on your rug in the UK or thousands of miles away in the UAE, it’s still just as painful to get down on your knees and scrub it.

I hope you enjoy my blog – and if you have a special request for a post, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mum of Boys went live in May 2014. Feel free to get in touch via Instagram @louisemumofboys.

Arabian Notes by Lindsey Parry
Lindsey says:
“Who are you?!” I hear you cry…! Well, I started my career in TV/publishing and having stayed within the media industry in various forms throughout the years. I’m now a freelance writer by trade and blogger by passion! I was born in the UK, in Scotland though we moved around a bit so I spent most of my formative years in England. I’m currently loving living in Abu Dhabi where I moved with my husband in early 2013 – though we had previously lived in Dubai since 2006.

We did have a short 18 month break between mid 2011 and 2012 when we moved to Australia briefly, but we missed life in the UAE so much we decided to come back! Arabian Notes offers an insight into daily life in the UAE with reviews, things to do, thoughts on life, travels within the UAE and beyond, and lots more.”

Moms Guide by Emirati and expat moms
They say:
“Launched in October 2012 as a collaboration between Expat and Emirati moms, Moms Guide Abu Dhabi is both an online resource and a real life network of mothers who share values of integrity, support, acceptance and inclusion. Moms Guide Abu Dhabi’s mission is to inspire, empower, and connect moms regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or socioeconomic status. We are a non-profit organisation whose main goal is to build and support family and community life in the Abu Dhabi region.

Our website, blog, and social media outlets provide parents with information about what’s happening in Abu Dhabi, family-friendly events, product and deals alerts, relevant news, stories from mothers around the UAE, and much more. Our Meetups cater to moms and their children, including moms-only fun nights out, and informative discussions with professionals.”
Visit or

Tuesdayschild by Heidi Raeside
Heidi says:
“This blog is a celebration of the UAE’s smart, stylish mums.

It covers everything that is fun and beautiful about mothering in our great home (for now?) country at”

Raising Freddie by Aimee Collett
Aimee says:
“Founder and Editor of Raising Freddie, Aimee lives in Dubai where she spends her days navigating the ever-changing landscape of motherhood as well as being a full time nursery manager.

Through Raising Freddie, Aimee talks about the ups and downs of motherhood, food, travel and life in Dubai. Aimee trained at Bristol University in the UK in Early Years Education as well as completing her Early Years Professional Status. She has taught and managed nurseries both in the UK and Dubai and recently opened her very first nursery in Dubai, Paddington Nursery. Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Paddington Nursery is an Eco-nursery which provides a friendly, clean, comfortable and happy environment where kids will be happy, challenged and stimulated. A blog about raising my son Freddie, running a nursery and living in Dubai.”

The Peace Lily

Cheryl Parsons says:
“The Peace Lily represents my quest to live a more mindful life. It’s about letting go of the constant pressure to be perfect, whether this is simply in our yoga practice or the hectic journey of parenting, work or home life. As a busy mum, I know all too well that feeling of not having enough hours in the day. The guilt we experience at trying to do it all – hold down a regular yoga practice, make time for exercise, meditate, cook, pick up the kids, work, (insert your own findings here!) Above all, The Peace Lily is dedicated to the ability to be able to laugh and breathe despite the chaos – even if that means pressing pause in the present moment for only a few breaths every day. Here, you’ll find everything from articles, interviews, videos, recipes and more that I hope will inspire your journey too.”

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