Sugar Moo in Dubai

Creative cakes with wow factor from Dubai baker

Sugar Moo in Dubai

Tell us about SugarMoo
SugarMoo is Dubai’s first online dessert bakery that delivers to customers all over the city in under 90 minutes.  Anyone with a sweet craving can order online and we will gladly deliver right to their doorstep.

What do you offer?
We offer unique out of the box hybrid desserts that are a yummy fusion of different sweet concoctions.
What styles of birthday cakes can you create?
You name it and we will create it! We’ve done everything from superhero cakes, to a huge multi-layer tiered wedding cake and even a full blown edible Apache helicopter fully made out of delicious moist cake layers. 

Do you create personalised cakes for customers?
Absolutely! The more we can make it a ‘wow’ experience and exactly to your liking - the happier we are.

What makes SugarMoo stand out from all the other cakes?
We do pride ourselves on having creative new original hybrid cakes as well as a mix of the classic originals all made from only the freshest and natural ingredients.We do not use any preservatives or chemicals and can deliver anywhere in the UAE.  Additionally, we offer our ‘HealthyMoo’ line which is a wide selection of healthier options catering to all allergies and dietary needs.

What is the biggest cake you can or have made?
We made a seven foot multi-level tier tower cake for a wedding that was meant to be built like a tower and ended up looking incredible. We also created a 13kg cake designed like a chess board with sugar-moulded real life chess pieces on it.

What flavours of cake can you create at SugarMoo?
Pretty much anything! And, if we haven’t done it before, then we can definitely experiment and create it for you.  We catered a very prominent local Emirati wedding and the bride was obsessed with our Chocolate Potato Chip cakes, which combined fudge rich chocolate cake with fresh slightly salted potato chips sandwich in between the sponges.  We provided more than 50 of those cakes for her.

Can you do cupcakes?
We cater to all of our guests’ needs; however, we do pride our selves on being an anti “cupcake” establishment and offer a unique modern twist on the traditional cupcake.  We created the Cupookie, which is a hybrid mix of a cupcake in a cookie cup. In our opinion, it is absolutely delicious and can be easily customised to any flavour or taste. 

How long does an order take?
If it’s an item off our menu then we can deliver in 90 minutes anywhere to Dubai. However, if it’s a customised order that is quite simple, then we can do it within 24-48 hours. If it’s more complicated, then we need just a couple of days depending on how elaborate the cake/dessert catering is.

How does your delivery service work?
We have state-of-the-art refrigerated vans that can deliver for any party or event and customised bikes that can deliver individual desserts to our customers.

What are the future plans for SugarMoo?
We will be launching several pop-up kiosks around Dubai this year, and we are also launching a shop in Abu Dhabi.  We will continue to expand our online presence and dessert creation opportunities, whether that’s through social events, catering, corporate customers, gift items, celebrations and more. We want SugarMoo to be part of making people happy! 
SugarMoo at (800-SUGAR).

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