Gelato-making classes for kids

Best activity for kids during the hot summer? Making gelato of course!


So hot. So so hot. As J and I walked across the road to Dri Dri, a colourful new gelato parlour, I regretted not wearing a hat (or putting one on my four year old – bad mother!). It was a blessed relief to enter the air-conditioned cool venue.

J and I were there by invitation to test out their kids’ gelato making workshop. This is a two-hour session, run whenever they have enough interest, and of course, groups can be booked for special occasions like birthdays. Four children is the minimum number for a course, which costs Dhs120 per child.

Dri Dri are very insistent that that don’t make ice cream, they make gelato. What’s the difference? Well, according to them, ‘Gelato is made with milk as main ingredient, while ice cream is made with cream.’ Gelato also apparently has very little added air, whereas ice cream has a lot of it, which means ‘gelato is creamier and has a nicer texture, but has much less fat’.

As we arrived, J was immediately welcomed and kitted out with an apron. Whilst we waited for the other children to arrive, we were given a sneaky taste of some of the flavours on offer, which included old favourites like chocolate and strawberry, but also Tiramisu, mojito and green tea. For Ramadan, Dri Dri also offered fresh dates with honey nougat gelato ice cream – yum!

The session started with some colouring in of ice cream pictures as an ‘ice-breaker’, and then it was onto the main event. The children were given mango to cut into small pieces, and passion fruit to scoop out. The fruit was all added to a big white bucket, whereupon the ‘magic ingredients’ were added. ‘Come on, children, let’s count…one, two, three,’ said manager Patricia Borja as she added scoop after scoop. The mix was then added to the ice cream maker – hands away, children!

At the end of the course, Juliet was solemnly given a certificate of ‘gelatiere’ achievement, as well as a Dri Dri apron, and of course, a half-litre tub of mango and passion fruit gelato, beautifully decorated with her name. J and I couldn’t wait to try it, and hurried home. Delicious – a perfect way to spend a hot morning.

Gelato making workshop, Two hours. Dhs120 per child. Dri Dri, The Beach, JBR. (04 553 0647).

Cooking courses for little chefs

Favourite Things
Let your little ones whisk-up some of their favourite things at a fun class with the Cooking Club. This cool kitchen environment is the perfect place for kids to learn chef secrets and tips. They can create some favourite creations which include a pineapple upside down and a fruity fruit cake. The classes are split in to various parts from making, baking, arts and crafts, tasting to receiving their very own certificate. The Cooking Club takes place on the first and third Monday of each month.
Single class Dhs105 for members, Dhs140 for non-members. 4pm-6pm. Favourite Things, Dubai Marina Mall, (04 434 1984).

Pascal Tepper French Bakery
The café’s family Friday brunch offers its creative baking class, Le Petit Pascal for kids! This fun-filled Friday will give youngsters the chance to bake some yummy cakes from some traditional recipes. Kids can be entertained by the experts in the kitchen who will teach them about Chef Pascal’s tips for baking bread, Viennoiseries and pastries.
Dhs69 for kids, Dhs99 for adults, Fridays, 11am-4pm. Pascal Tepper French Bakery, Dubai Media City, Dubai,
(04 454 2408).

Funky Monkeys
Kids can put their chef hats on at a full cooking course with Funky Monkeys! Over five- classes, youngsters can enjoy making a variety of healthy dishes, learn about food from different cultures and add new dishes each week to their very own menu. Kids can have lots of fun learning how to cook and bake with experts in the kitchen.
Dhs500 for five classes. Funky Monkeys, Wasl Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. (04 388 4114).

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