Build a snowman in Dubai

Want to build a snowman at your party? Of course you do, this is Dubai


Desert Snow is the region’s leading specialist in winter effects and offers expert services in snow-making systems for events, film, TV and more. We asked MD Ben Elliott-Scott what they can do for you…

Hi Ben. We want snow at our birthday party. Can you sort that for us?
“Of course. We have more than 200 different kinds of artificial snow and ice products, anything from acrylic icicles to fireproof settled snow for displays. We also make real snow in our factory for delivery across the UAE. And we do private events.”

Brilliant. How do you stop it melting?
“Our real snow is just that, snow made from water and air. It melts quickly in the heat, so we make lots of it. Our promise is that in temperatures of up to 35°C, we can make enough snow to last the whole day. If it’s hotter we can still make it, but it won’t last all day.”

Can we use it to make a snowman?
“With real snow, yes. You bring the carrot noses and we’ll bring the rest.”

How much does it all cost?
“We have artificial snow starting from Dhs3,500, including snow machines. A cubic metre box of real snow costs Dhs2,400.”

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