Sand art for toddlers

Free, versatile and all around us, sand is the ultimate Dubai craft material. We pick out a few top ideas for toddlers

Rainbow jars

You will need:
Clean dry sand
Old glass jars with lids
Liquid (not gel) food colouring – assorted colours
Three trays
Three bowls
Metal spoons, big and small
Metal sieve

Alternative method: coloured chalks
Take your dry sand and split it evenly into three bowls. Add just enough water to cover the sand, but don’t fill up the bowls. Add a generous splash of food colouring into each one – one colour in each. Use a big metal spoon to mix up the sand, water and colouring (don’t use a wooden one as it will stain. Leave overnight.
Alternatively, if you are short of time, grind up different coloured chalks into bowls of sand. Mix thoroughly – instant coloured sand to play with!

In the morning, strain the sand with the sieve – it should have changed colour by now – and spread out in the sun to dry. This shouldn’t take long in UAE heat! Transfer back to dry bowls. Ask the kids to choose a pretty jar and start adding layers of sand with a small spoon. Don’t shake the jars or the sand will mix! Layer evenly, or tilt the jars to make an irregular pattern. Fill the jars up completely, leaving no gap at the top, and screw on the lid tightly. Result – a rainbow sand jar! A great keepsake of Dubai, or a lovely gift!

‘Crab on a beach’ picture

You will need:
PVA Glue
Clean dry sand
This really is simple. Get your little one to paint the top half of the paper in blue. Then cover the bottom half in glue. Together, sprinkle the sand on until the whole ‘beach’ is covered. Shake off excess. Once the base picture is dry, paint your child’s hands red (or allow them to do it themselves!) Print onto the picture in a crab shape, and add on eyes in pen. Easy and effective!

Sand clay modelling

You will need:
Two cups of sand
One cup of white PVA glue
One cup of cornstarch
Splash of water
Food colouring - optional
Mixing bowl, spoons, cutters
This is a messy one, so cover the table, or do it all outside! Mix together sand, glue, cornstarch and a splash of food colouring if you like. If the sand was really dry, add in a splash of water. After mixing, you should end up with a dough that the kids can play with as they like! Roll it, cut it, shape it, and once they are done, leave their creations in a warm (not hot) dry place overnight and they will set hard. Great for creating decorations and little ornaments.

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