Hand and footprint cards

Homemade festive cards are always better than shop-bought ones


Kids love painting in unusual ways, so get them to paint their hands and feet in different colours to create unusual Christmas scenes. Two brown handprints can be cut out and stuck onto a reindeer ‘head’ to make antlers. Decorate the face with a cut out red nose and blue eyes.

Or, use white, gold or silver paint to create feet ‘snowmen’. Cut up some coloured paper and make a scarf, buttons and nose for Frosty – you could even add a hat.

If your snowmen look like they need some friends, make some ‘mini men’ with white handprints. Wait until they dry before drawing on hats, scarfs and buttons with felt tip.

Got a tiny baby? Draw the bare branches of a Christmas tree with brown or black felt tip, dip their little finger in the paint and create a
‘dotty’ tree.

More card ideas can be found at: www.mykidcraft.com, www.redtedart.com, www.rainydaymum.co.uk.

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