The Coding Circle for kids

Time Out Dubai Kids meets the team behind The Coding Circle, a club teaching you to code with your kids in Dubai. Get class times, price and more


The Coding Circle believe computer programming is now a universal language. We asked the start-up’s Laura Toma why it was important. “It’s because of the expansion of mobile apps and the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’. We believe that computer programming literacy is mandatory, and not only from the perspective of getting a job as a programmer. Whether one is a teacher or a doctor, one needs to grasp the basics of the systems operated in your environment. Through our courses, our aim is to prepare kids for this reality and to challenge them to build the future using these tools. The basics of computer programming literacy revolve around logic and problem solving, which are foundational educational concepts for a number of disciplines. In addition, our courses are not only about technical skills, but also about soft skills, or ‘surviving’ skills. Organisation and presentation skills, intercultural communication and creativity are developed through coding.”

Sounds serious, so how do you make it fun? “We put children’s learning first and we understand that for them this is a journey. We organise the students in teams, with a focus on creating a project. It’s amazing what ideas they come up with: we’ve seen viable proposals for e-commerce websites as well as charity platforms that would be the envy of Silicon Valley. Giving kids that freedom to create makes them very engaged.”

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