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Short and squeak

Angelina Ballerina takes to the stage
Full-length, traditional ballet performances can be a bit boring for kids (and us, to be honest), but luckily, there is an alternative – and it only lasts an hour-and-a-quarter, with a 15-minute interval.

Based on the popular book and TV series Angelina Ballerina, the English National Ballet production of Angelina’s Star Performance sees the young mouse gearing up to star in a performance of Sleeping Beauty at the palace. Purists will be relieved to know, though, that the ballet doesn’t deviate too much from tradition, with music coming from the legendary Tchaikovsky score.

Public performances are on March 28 at 10.30am and 5.30pm and tickets cost Dhs120 for children and Dhs150 for adults.
Call DUCTAC on 04 3414 777 for bookings

Live and learn

Classes for puzzled parents
Young ’uns are often puzzling, but help is at hand with new classes to allow parents to understand their child’s development. Kicking off this month, the lessons inform parents about the amazing learning that takes place in a young child’s life – things like language development, physical growth and the importance of encouraging social and emotional growth and thinking skills are all covered. The courses, from ‘Your Baby’s First Year’ to ‘Being Four’, focus on learning through play and how parents can best interact. Taught by a highly qualified and experienced early years teacher, the classes last 90 minutes and will take place at various locations.
For more details on the courses, prices, times and venues, contact Helen Mannion on 050 284 3539;;

Weird world

Anyone seen Adam?
When people report their children missing, it’s always sad – but when they report them missing 10 years after the disappearance occurred, you have to question their priorities. In the American state of Kansas, Doug and Valerie Herrman recently did just that – despite Adam, their son, having run away back in 1999, at the age of 11. Apparently, their attorney said his clients were ‘very worried’ about their missing child – but evidently not worried enough to do anything about it until they could be absolutely sure he wasn’t just out walking Toto.

Tough love
As you’ll see in this month’s Great Debate, the subject of discipline can divide even the most placid parents. Few of us, though, would go to the lengths an Australian dad in Darwin went to in a bid to teach his five-year-old son, Jack Burt, how to behave. The naughty tot admitted to his pops that he’d been kicked off the school bus because he’d hit the driver on the head with an apple, and as a punishment he was made to walk the seven-mile, two-and-a-half hour distance to school and back for the duration of his five-day suspension from the bus. Evidently, though, strictness doesn’t always pay: no sooner was young Jack readmitted onto the bus than he got into a fight and was banned again.

Busted bishop
A British bishop was arrested on suspicion of child cruelty after helping his two young sons perch on top of the chimney pots of their home as part of a school competition to find the most unusual place for a pupil to read a book. A neighbour called the police after spotting Nathan, eight, and Dominic, seven, reading The Killer Underpants on the chimney. Their dad, Bishop Jonathan Blake, was hauled away in cuffs on suspicion of child cruelty but later released without charge.

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