Hot seat: Dorothy the dinosaur

Dorothy tells <em>Time Out</em> Kids all about her latest venture and talks TV stardom…

What would you say to those who feel there are far too many talking dinosaurs in this world?
There are only a few of us around nowadays – I think the dancing and diet of roses is the key to my longevity – but most importantly my songs and show are to entertain children, but I know that parents love the music as well. I also know that nothing puts a smile on a parent’s face better than a happy child.

Mmm… There are some mums and dads who would cheerfully strangle you and others of your ilk but their kids won’t let them. Why do you think that is?
The music we make is specifically made for children, The Wiggles (the brains behind Dorothy) have university degrees in early childhood and they always write and perform from the perspective of a child. Children love to watch what they like over and over and over, so parents can hear the same songs many times!

Marvellous. Do you really like children? (If you were a real dinosaur, we reckon you’d eat them)
I am a real dinosaur, I’m a rosasaurus! The scary dinosaurs aren’t around any more, just the musical ones.

You seem very, well, dare we say it, nice and a bit geeky. How come you’re so sensible and well behaved?
I am five dinosaur years old (a dinosaur year is a lot longer than a human one). My parents did teach me well and my friends The Wiggles are really nice. I’ve found that the angry dinosaurs didn’t live very long so I’m determined to keep being nice! It’s also a good example to children who watch my show. There’s enough of the angry and cynical world out there for children to see, it’s good to have an alternative. Notions of being cool are foreign to a pre-school audience. So if being nice is geeky then that’s ok with me!

Perhaps there’s something calming in that luminous pink tea you drink all the time? What is it exactly, and more to the point, is it legal?
I drink rosy tea and it is a simple healthy drink that rosasaurus can drink and of course it’s legal (but only for singing and dancing dinosaurs).

You seem to have an almost unhealthy fascination with feather dusters – what’s with all the cleaning?
I have a house and I love to keep it clean. There’s nothing unhealthy about cleaning up, it’s a small part of my day and then the rest of the day is spent entertaining friends and singing and dancing. I think that’s quite balanced really!

You keep some strange company – an over-enthusastic dog, an octopus and a bizarre pirate chap. They often barge into your house and muck things up. Don’t they get on your nerves?
I love my friends and what makes them unique is what makes them special. I know that children who watch our show absolutely love the slapstick of Captain Feathersword, he’s very funny! Wags the dog does shed some hair, but that’s real life with dogs. Henry the octopus travels the seas, and so always has very interesting stories to tell about places he has been and people he has seen. There’s always an open invitation for my friends to come and visit my house.

Have you ever met Barney? Have you two ever considered hooking up, or are you worried your green and yellow spots may clash with his purple?
Yes I have met Barney! My friends The Wiggles performed with Barney many years ago at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. It was a fantastic season, we played to over 60,000 people over a number of weeks. Barney was very nice and the people of New York certainly enjoyed our show.
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