Living in Dubai - meet a resident of Silicon Oasis

Time Out Dubai meets Dubai residents to find out what it is like as a young mother with a family. Here, Seinna and Alexandra discuss life in Silicon Oasis


This month, we sat down with Alexandra Watson, 29, and her daughter Sienna, three, to chat about her favourite food, books, films and a whole lot more. These Silicon Oasis residents have lived in Dubai for three years and think it’s a fantastic place to live. They enjoy swimming, playing in the park and eating chocolate ice-cream at the mall, while Daddy flies a 777 areoplane…

How old are you Sienna?
“I’m three.” (Holds up three fingers).

Do you know how old Mummy is?
“No. Five…”
Mummy: “I wish I was.”

What do you enjoy doing with Mummy?
“Painting… shopping at the mall…”

Mummy: “We like going to the mall, don’t we?”
Sienna: “Awwwww, I like Grandma and Granddad’s beach!”
Mummy: “That’s back in the UK though.”
Sienna: “I like that beach.” (Starts eating a small spoonful of chocolate ice-cream).
Mummy: “We enjoy going to the beach at the Westin. It’s lovely. And we enjoy going to the park together. We do lots together.”

What’s your favourite song?
“Let it Goooo…..”
Mummy: “Can you sing it?”
Sienna: (Shakes her head shyly).
Mummy: (Starts singing) “Let it Go, Let it Go…”
Sienna: “Stop it Mummy. You’re saying it wrong.” (Giggles).
Mummy: “Aw sorry, I’m going to sing it wrong.”

What’s your favourite film?
Mummy: “What else do you like?”
Sienna: “Paw Patrol. My favourite is Sky.”
Mummy: “It’s about dogs and they rescue people. She loves it. It’s on Nickelodeon.”
Sienna: “And Cinderella. I met Cinderella.”
Mummy: “That’s right, you did meet her.
We were in Orlando over Christmas and she got to meet Cinderella and lots of other characters. You like getting dressed up as Cinderella.”

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
(Stares down at her tub of ice cream and spoon with chocolate ice cream around her mouth). “Chocolate ice creeeeam.”
Mummy: (Laughs).

Do you like vegetables?
Mummy: “She’s really good. She eats most things.”

What do you not like?
Mummy: “Oh, that’s funny as we’re having Salmon for dinner tonight. How embarrassing.”

Does mum force you to eat fruit and vegetables?
(Nods) “Yes.”

What about bananas?
Mummy: “What does Mummy put in your snackbox?”
Sienna: “Strawberries.”

What’s your favourite treat?
“A Pinkberry ice cream.”
Mummy: “You’re a bit of a Pinkberry fan, aren’t you? She can’t read the sign, but she knows exactly where it is in the mall and doesn’t share her ice cream with Mummy.”
Sienna: “Nooooo.” (Giggles).

Do you read lots of books?
“Yes. I like reading.”
Mummy: “She loves reading books.”

What's your favourite book that you read every night?”
“The princess book!”
Mummy: “She loves this book that has all the princesses in it.”

Do you enjoy reading at school?
“You do. Where were you today?”
Sienna: “The library. We go to the library on our bikes.”
Mummy: “Every week they ride their bikes to the library and then ride back to school.”
Sienna: “We get to sit down on the step. And we sit in the library and read.”

Do mum and dad help you with your reading?

Do you go to bed when you’re told to?
(Nods her head).
Mummy: “She does. She’s up so early for school every day that she’s tired by bedtime.”

Do you ever ask to stay up later?
“Not really.”
Mummy: “No, she’s really good and is usually tired.”

Out of you, mum and dad, who is a lazy bones?
“Mummy… No, Daddy!”
Mummy: “That’s right.”

Do you like going places in the car?
Mummy: “Where do we go?”
Sienna: “The mall. Pinkberry! The park. Mummy, you can’t see me!” (Holds up her tub of ice cream over her face).

Where do you like going?
“The beach.”
Mummy: “We go to lots of places. We’ve been through to Abu Dhabi when we went to the waterpark. We go to the park nearby and to the stables. Sienna goes pony riding once a week.”
Sienna: “Remember when we fell off, Mummy?”
Mummy: “She was sitting on the horse with her friend one day and when the horse suddenly moved they both slid off sideways – both mummies had to catch you.”

Do you ever have a nap in the car?
Mummy: “You haven’t for a long time.”

Do you listen to music, watch an iPad or play games?
Mummy: “Only on long journeys. We just usually chat.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“A princess. Cinderella. No Anna, No, Snow White.”
Mummy: “I thought you wanted to be a vet to work with all the animals?”
Sienna: “I can be Snow White, or Belle, and Mummy you can be Cinderella.”
Mummy: “Okay. I may be a bit old to be Cinderella when you grow up to be Belle.

So you don’t want to be a vet?”
“No… Mummy can be a vet.”
Mummy: “No, I’ll be the receptionist and you can be the vet.”

Is mum happy about the vet thing?
“I’m happy if you want to be a princess. Just not a pilot like Daddy.” (Laughs).

What does dad tell you you should be when you grow up?
“A princess. Or chocolate.”
Mummy: “You can open a chocolate shop if you like.”

Tell us about dad?
“He goes to work. In a plane.” (Whispers) “He’s a pilot.”

Is he a cool dad?
Mummy: “Tell us about Daddy.”
Sienna: “He flies a 777.”

What do you do together?
“We go swimming. Go on our bikes.”
Mummy: “You do lots together. You go swimming and you can now do a full length on your own. We like going to the beach and park.”

Does he do all the work around the house? The DIY?
Mummy: “Don’t tell him you said that!”

What are his bad habits?
“What does Daddy do that makes you cross?”
Sienna: “He never listens.”
Mummy: “He doesn’t listen to us… But… he’s great though!”
Sienna: “Yes he is.”
Mummy: “Who is the best?”
Sienna: “Mummy!” (Giggles).
Mummy: “Yes!!” (They both cheer and high five).

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