Living in Dubai - meet a resident of Victory Heights

Time Out Dubai meets Dubai residents to find out what it is like as a young father with a family. Here, Max and Chris discuss life in Victory Heights


This month, we sat down with Chris Wong, 37, and his son Max, seven, to chat about his favourite food, books, films and a whole lot more. These Victory Heights residents think it’s a fantastic place to live. They enjoy playing wrestling, cycling, going to the park and, most of all, eating pizza at the mall…

How old are you Max?

Max: “I’m seven.”

Do you know how old Daddy is?
Max: “He's... 37."

What do you enjoy doing with Daddy?

Max: “Errrrm… Playing video games and having bike rides just outside our house.”
Daddy: “I like going cycling in Al Qudra. It’s got a great track for bikes. We like riding around our compound too.”

What’s your favourite song?
“I don’t know. I don’t have one. Well, I do, but I can’t remember its name…”
Daddy: “Is it Justin Bieber? You like his music, don’t you?”
Max: “What do you mean….?”
Daddy: “What’s the Justin Bieber song called?”
Max: “What do you mean….?”
Daddy: “The name of the song?”
Max: “What do you mean! That’s the name…” (Laughs)
Daddy: “Aww, that’s the title isn’t it? I thought you were asking me a question. Sorry Max!” (Laughs)

What’s your favourite film?
“Mmmmm…. Pokémon.”
Daddy: “You like that one. He’s watched it quite a few times. You also went to the cinema recently with Mummy to see that new dinosaur film. The Good Dinosaur. You liked it.”
Max: “Yeah, it was good.”

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Max: “Aww I have lots! Pizza, sausages…”

If you could anything right now, what would it be?
“Pizza. A margarita pizza.”

What’s Daddy’s favourite?
“I don’t know. (Laughs) A big one.”
Daddy: “A Mexican pizza. But my favourite is curry.”

Do you like vegetables?
Daddy: “Well, you like two vegetables.”
Max: “No, four!”
Daddy: “What are they?”
Max: “Sweetcorn, peas, broccoli and courgettes.”

What do you not like?
“The rest.” (Laughs)
Daddy: “I think you tried the others when you were about one and haven’t recovered.”

Does Dad force you to eat fruit and vegetables?
“Yes. I don’t have a favourite. I don’t like any fruit. I like vegetables and Leo likes fruit.”
Daddy: “Leo is his younger brother. They are opposites. Apple juice is as close as you get to fruit.”

What’s your favourite treat?
“Everything! I have three favourites… M&Ms, Smarties and Dairy Milk chocolate.”

Do you read lots of books?

Do you enjoy reading at school?
“I only have one reading class at school and that’s on a Tuesday.”

Do you have a favourite book right now?
“Harry Potter. I’ve started reading it on my own. I’m on chapter four.”

Do mum and dad help you with your reading?
Daddy: “He started reading when he was two-an-a-half. He’s clever like that. He really enjoys reading.”
Max: “I’m in the top reading class at school.”

Do you go to bed when you’re told to?
Daddy: (Laughs)

Do you ever ask to stay up later?
“Yes. I’m never tired. I wake up at 6am.”
Daddy: “Yes you do. But what time did you used to wake up every single day, even at weekends?”
Max: “5am. When I wake up I like to sit and read my books. I make my own stories and have books. I brought them to show you.”
Daddy: “He loves to read.”
Max: “Eeeew, smelly feet. I have smelly feet. I just took my shoes off.”
Dad: (Laughs)

Are Mum and Dad sometimes too tired to play?
“Yes. Dad is sometimes.”

Out of you, Mum and Dad, who is a lazy bones?
“Mmm, Dad.”

Do you like going places in the car?

Where do you like going?
“Everywhere. We go to school. We go out for pizza.”
Daddy: “We go to the beach. We go to the mall. We go to the waterparks. The cinema.”
Max: “But just you and me. We go for pizza.”
Daddy: “Yeah, that’s our thing, isn’t it?”

Do you listen to music, watch an iPad or play games?
“I just sit there and look out the window.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“Maybe a doctor. I don’t really know actually.”

Is Dad happy about that? Prefer something else?
“He wants me to be everything.” (Laughs).
Daddy: “Mmm. You’re still deciding, aren’t you?”
Max: “My Mum said I would be a great doctor.”

What does Dad tell you that you should be when you grow up?
“We’ve spoken about a few things. Video-maker, a writer or a doctor.”
Max: “I’ve got a hundred options.”

Tell us about Mum?
“She buys me toys. She takes me to school. And she gives me lots of cuddles. I wrote a poem about Mummy. Wait.. I’ll read it. ‘Mummy is very caring. Others like you. She is the loveliest Mum. Her hair is very long. She is excellent in looking after me. Royal Mum, that’s you. She’s very beautiful and you’re never away from me. An adorable Mum you are… My Mummy is fantastic. Love you Mum. Love Max.”

What do you do together?

Max: “We play together.”

Does she do all the work around the house?
Daddy: “I don’t know if Mum does the housework... Who does the housework?”
Max: “Belle does it.” (Laughs)
Daddy: “She’s our helper.”

What does Dad do to annoy Mum?
Daddy: “Just being Dad I think!”

What are Mum’s bad habits?
Daddy: “Mummy’s perfect, isn’t she?”
Max: “Yes.”

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