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We discover which popular app is coming to the big screen


We get it, you are the type of parent who carefully plans activities with your children. Your children enjoy creative writing and thoughtful reflection. You never, under any circumstances, ever consider sticking a smartphone or tablet under their noses and letting them prod their sticky little fingers across your gadgets in return for a few minutes’ peace.

For the rest of us, however, a few minutes of app play for kids buys just enough time to unpack shopping, make a drink and possibly prepare tea. And never has there been a more all-conquering app than Angry Birds.

A few years back it went from a guilty secret of a game that the whole world played without admitting just how
addicted they were to a cultural phenomenon.

Now, Angry Birds will be arriving on the big screen with a full movie adaptation.

That’s right – it might be coming a few years later than the height of Angry Birds mania but this month cinemas will screen what must be one of the strangest concepts for a movie we have ever heard.

The plot, for what it is worth, surrounds an island of birds (some of them are angry, get it?) being invaded by a strange breed of peculiar, green farmyard animals. The potential comes from the writer and cast.

Penned by Jon Vitti (best known for animation credits including the Simpsons, where hs is the third most prolific head writer, Larry Sanders Show, The Office and King of the Hill) and starring Jason Sudekis, Peter Dinklage and Bill Hader as well as a handful of other familiar faces from the fringes of adult comedy movies, it is likely to be filled with all the knowing humour grown-ups will appreciate.

The film comes from Sony Pictures Entertainment (which has a good history in movies) and Rovio Entertainment (the makers of the game series) and is something of a commercial and creative leap of faith for both. What is not in doubt, however, is the fact that a
massive marketing and promotion budget will see toys, Lego kits, apps and accessories of just about every kind be released along with the movie. Your kids are going to be bombarded with Angry Birds all over again, starting with this film.
The Angry Birds Movie is in cinemas in the UAE from May 12.

Apps we want on the Big Screen

Candy Crush
The Movie: We’re thinking of a cross between Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and The Godfather as rival confectionary producing gangs go head-to-head in a battle for domination.

The Movie: A classic of old Nokia handsets would be a surefire hit for retro gamers and enthusiasts. There is a hungry snake on the rampage – who would not want to see that?

Excel Pocket Edition
The Movie: A tense thriller with layer-upon-layer of intrigue and drama. You will have to watch closely because if you don’t follow what is happening things won’t add up.

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