Summer sickness

Is your child under the weather? Here’s how to identify and treat some of the most common illnesses in kids over the hottest months…


1. Heat Rash
What is it? A raised, itchy and uncomfortable rash breaks out when your little one gets too hot and their sweat ducts become blocked and swell.

How to treat it? Don’t apply ointments or lotions, as these can lock in the heat. Cool your child down by removing clothes and moving them inside to air conditioning.

2. Summer Colds
What is it? Your child may develop a running nose, sore throat and aching limbs.

How to treat it? Saline drops can help to loosen up the mucus, while switching on a vaporiser and elevating the child’s mattress will help them to breathe better at night.

3. Strep Throat
What is it? One in five sore throats in kids is caused by streptococcus bacteria. It causes a very sore throat, swollen tonsils, tender lymph nodes and headaches.

How to treat it?
Visit the doctor for a throat swab – and once diagnosed, antibiotics will be prescribed.

4. Conjunctivitis
What is it? Caused by inflammation of the white of the eye and inner eyelid, your child’s eyes will crust over when they sleep and appear red and weepy when awake.

How to treat it?
A trip to the doctor for antibiotic eye drops will clear it up quickly, while warm compresses will ease some of their discomfort.

5. Ear infections
What is it? Inflammation of the middle ear is painful, but your child might not be able to identify the source of the pain. Look for irritability, pulling at the ear, fever and discharge from the ear.

How to treat it?
Head to the doctors, where antibiotic drops will be prescribed.

6. Stomach Flu
What is it? Gastroenteritis usually starts with fever and vomiting and then progresses to diarrhea.

How to treat it?
Hydration is the key – even if it’s in small doses. When your child is ready for solids, stick to bananas, rice,
apples and toast, which will be gentle on their stomach until they’re better.

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