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Why Trolls, another adaptation of a toy line, is going to succeed where others have failed


What happens when the crazy brains behind the last three Shrek movies – directors Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell – take on the challenge of turning a crazy-haired ’90s toy trend into an actual movie? The answer is very nearly here.

Trolls the movie promises to be a truly – apologies – hair-raising experience for the whole family, with the massively collectible toy line brought to life by an A-list voice cast including Russell Brand, James Corden, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake (who is also on soundtrack music duties). Front and centre, though, will be Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick – an actor who makes any movie she is in instantly 200 percent better, just by showing up.

Kendrick plays Poppy, our bright pink hero out to rescue her kidnapped pals from the nefarious Bergens – a race only happy when they have trolls in their stomach. This will, in what can only be described as an animation first, mean young audiences (who are always most happy in a cinema when there’s a gag about bodily functions) will be treated to an escape sequence through the digestive tracks of several large beasts.

With an instantly hummable score that, alongside the Timberlake contributions, will feature cute mash-ups of classic tracks (the Trolls do like to have a sing-song every once in a while) and the state-of-the-art animation techniques that made their How To Train Your Dragon series such a gargantuan smash, it looks very much like DreamWorks has once again hit on a winning formula.

So, ditch that cynicism. This may be yet another movie adaptation, but it’s no Angry Birds: The Movie Part 2. DreamWorks are better than that. And Kendrick is better than pretty much anyone.

The only downside? That you it looks like those Trolls toys are going to be back in shops. Don’t say you weren’t warned…
Trolls is in cinemas across Dubai from November 3.

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