Family movies in 2017

Lego Batman is coming back and more characters coming back to cinemas


After the grand opening of LEGOLAND, LEGO fans all over the UAE have been waiting to see what else is in the master builders’ bag of tricks and with The Lego Batman Movie hitting our screens on February 9, the scene is perfectly set for yet more family fun.

Following the success of the last movie from the LEGO franchise, we didn’t think there was anything left to bring, but then we didn’t count on every kid’s favourite superhero, Batman, taking the lead role.

Voiced again by Will Arnet, the caped crusader has changed tack from his original character and now presents himself as a leader of an extended family of masked vigilantes. With Robin, voiced by Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad), and Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl, played by Rosario Dawson (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), as his sidekicks, he is ready to do battle for Gotham. Of course, no good superhero is complete without a villain. Enter The Joker, aka Zach Galifianakis (The Muppets, Puss in Boots), with his gaudy green hair and manic grin.

The Lego Batman Movie is due for release mid-February, but the footage that’s been released so far suggests director Chris McKay, who served as co-editor and animation supervisor on The Lego Movie, has done well by the original film’s legacy. In other words, it will have us rolling in the aisles laughing and will serve up a whole dollop of feel-good humour. And we might even get a song stuck in our heads for the months ahead (the joy).

Most excitingly, if you want to be among the first people in Dubai to see the movie (before it’s officially out!), then you need to book your place at Time Out Kids’ super-exclusive screening on February 4 at VOX Kids.

So, grab yourself a giant box of popcorn and prepare for an afternoon of giggling at the movies, because this new flick is set to tickle funny bones all the way from the UAE to Gotham National Bank.
The Lego Batman Movie is released in Dubai on February 9. To register for Time Out Kids’ special, free screening on February 4, 10.30am at VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates, email

Due to limited seating, invites will be sent via email on a first come, first served basis.

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