Walnut Grove review

Dine under the wooden walnut tree sculpture at this vibrant mall eatery

Walnut Grove review

We should be able to predict the end game when an eye-poppingly impressive tower of gooey, marshmallow-covered rocky road cake sweeps past our table, artfully decorated with a miniature metal whisk smothered in chocolate, as if it’s been stolen from the mixing bowl.

This is Walnut Grove – the new City Walk outpost of the laid-back South African eatery known for its Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style puddings. Visiting on a busy Saturday night, we’re faced with an enticing menu.

The kids beg for matching Nutty Nutella milkshakes that we insist they share (thankfully, as the shakes are enormous), and freshly-crumbed chicken nuggets served with skinny fries that could probably feed two of their mates, as well. This, we quickly realise, is a place that doesn’t do anything by halves.

The adults settle on the signature burger, a tender wagyu beef patty on a brioche bun, as well as the pistachio falafel burger, which is seasoned with a rocket and pistachio corn salsa that we are seriously impressed by.

For dessert, the kids devour a technicolour slice of the rainbow cake that Walnut Grove is famous for, complete with a topping of marshmallows, jelly beans and chocolate chips, and we decide to tackle the dessert that first caught our attention on arrival. We get as far as two mouthfuls of the deliciously warm rocky road cake, one cloud of the accompanying blue candy-floss and half the whipped marshmallow topping before admitting defeat, and requesting a takeaway box.

The service is friendly, but we arrive at a busy period and the strain starts to show towards the end of our meal. Luckily, the food is enough of a distraction, and the kids have made a list of desserts to try next time. It’s safe to say we’ll be back.
Open Sun-Wed 8.30am-10pm, Thu-Sat 8.30am-11pm. Unlicensed. City Walk 2, Al Safa (04 344 4441).

The bottom line
Desserts to die for in the coolest part of town.

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