Dubai Garden Glow dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have reappeared at Dubai Garden Glow. Time to go dino-hunting


Some mammoth, prehistoric (electronic) creatures have taken up residence at Zabeel Park over the years and, judging by the crowds of families visiting them, it seems they’ve picked the right spot. Dinosaurs have long invoked curiosity in the minds of children and adults, so the themed dino park at Dubai Garden Glow has gathered three generations of these fascinating monsters (that’s Sauropods, Ornithopods and Ceratopsians for those in the know!) all carefully crafted to wow visitors.

A leisurely wander through the park will see you jump to the sound of the dinosaurs’ roars. Each installation includes an easy-to-read narrative on the generation to which it belonged, what it liked to eat and do. So, as well as being a whole heap of fun, it’s educational, too. The park even has its own laboratory, where mini paleontologists can get a good grasp on the significance of this extinct species, making it a particular favourite with schools and educators.

Dubai Garden Glow’s director, Chanchal Samantha, says: “The Dinosaur Park integrates ecological and environmental themes, and offers a variety of attractive and adventurous family-focused activities. The motion-censored, 100-dinosaur display is creatively installed to glow in the night.”

So, after an afternoon exploring all things prehistoric, you can sit back and bask in the glow as you take in the beauty of an illuminated garden, where flowers, ants and animals roam in the heart of the city. The beautiful installations were created by artists from around the world and are divided into themes or worlds such as “Under the Sea”, “The Mushroom Forest” and “Animal Kingdom”, all of which twinkle in the dusky nighttime air. The park also boasts a playground or two to climb and swing through, as well as plenty of grassy knolls to take a rest on and appreciate some family time, while enjoying some of the tasty bites from the medley of food kiosks throughout.

Be warned, however, that the dinosaurs will soon be hibernating for the hotter months, so our advice is to get down to see them before Sunday April 30 when they are due to take a well-earned break (again).
Dhs60, entrance, free (children under three). Open Sat-Wed 4pm-midnight, Thu-Fri 4pm-1am. Dubai Garden Glow, Gate 6 and 7, Zabeel Park, (056 446 7842).

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