Books for Third Culture Kids

Help little readers to understand the emotional realities that come with living 'abroad'

Books for Third Culture Kids

When the phrase Third Culture Kid (TCK) was first coined back in the 1950s, it sparked an enlightenment among would-be writers, themselves raised away from the countries of their birth, to write down their stories. And we’ve recently discovered an online store, called, where many of these kinds of books are now available. Founded by writer and publisher Jo Parfitt, the website specialises in books for expatriates, cataloguing their many exploits and adventures around the world and making the journey for all of us that bit easier. It also has a special section just for kids, which offers up a lovely selection of stories for our “global children” dealing with issues such as moving house and transitionary friendships.

The e-shop also has a great collection of online anthologies, health and wellbeing books, and country guides as well as a reference section for would-be writers who want to get started on their own stories. All books are available in print on demand and can be ordered via a click through
to Amazon.

So, as we discuss raising TCKs in our roundtable this month, we thought we’d get a head-start and kick off your summer reading list. Here goes...

Slurping Soup and Other Confusions by various authors
This is a collection of 23 real-life stories and activities written by expatriate mums to help Third Culture Kids during transition. Its main aim is to help children cope with all the challenges of living internationally and it explores themes such as cultural differences, adapting to new homes and changing friendships. It has heaps of activities to get little minds thinking and is suitable for a range of ages – from young children of three up to kids of 12 years old.

Sammy’s Next Move by Helen Maffini
A snail called Sammy, who lives around the world with his parents, often moves to new countries, changes schools and makes new friends along the way. Naturally, as Sammy is a snail, he carries his home with him wherever he goes, so this story helps little ones understand that home is where the heart is, but also offers some practical tips and activities for all members of the family.

B at Home: Emma Moves Again by Valérie Besanceney
Children who find it stressful moving around a lot may get some comfort from Emma, a ten-year-old girl who is sad to have to move again. Together with her faithful teddy bear B, she meets the challenges of another change.

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