Will The Emoji Movie be a facepalm or a fistpump?

Yes, there really is a movie about emojis. But it might just surprise you…


Did Sir Patrick Stewart ever, over the course of his long and celebrated career, consider that one day he’d be playing the poop emoji?

“Let’s be honest, the poop emoji is everyone’s favourite,” says The Emoji Movie’s principle lead, TJ Miller. “It was simply a matter of: Who’s the perfect person to play that? And we happened to get one of the most distinguished actors in the world to take that job. He plays it very dry. Who expected Patrick Stewart to be a very dry, very funny poop emoji? Certainly not me!”

Well, quite. But play it he does, alongside Miller (who plays the meh emoji), James Corden (Hi-5) and Anna Faris (Jailbreak). Alongside them there are a host of cameos, such as Christina Aguilera, who plays the emoji from the Just Dance app, and some stunning animated visuals courtesy of Igor director, Tony Leondis.

To be fair, you’d not be alone if the mere thought of this movie made you feel like we really have arrived at the cinematic apocalypse. Even in a world where every single toy, video game and app somehow gets adapted, can Hollywood really expect us to trudge out with the kids to see one based on a bunch of emojis?

Actually, from the footage we’ve seen, this at once looks like a funny, colourful family movie, but also one with an existential edge. Set in the world of Textopolis, the story follows the adventures of meh, who is convinced he is faulty, as he feels more emotions than just the one he is programmed to represent at the fingers of millions. “Deep, right?” says Miller. “It says you should be more than what people expect of you.” Which can only be good news for Sir Patrick “poop” Stewart himself.
The Emoji Movie is out across the UAE on August 10.

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