Monkey mayhem!

The Green Planet has brought in a pair of cheeky monkey brothers to help raise awareness of the threats facing the jungle

Monkey mayhem!

Twin tamarin monkeys have arrived at The Green Planet in Dubai’s City Walk, as the bio-dome gears up to celebrate its first anniversary.

The dome serves to educate guests on the dangers facing the world’s rainforests, and has been designed across three storeys to allow its inhabitants to live as they would in the wild, with a broadly diverse ecosystem of creatures and jungle critters. The Green Planet is home to more than 3,000 different fauna, flora and wildlife, and is designed as an enclosed jungle ecosystem.

The indoor tropical rainforest is welcoming the twin brothers, who are yet to be named and will be the first of their species at the ever-popular biome.

“The Green Planet family is beyond excited to welcome two young and extremely cognitive monkeys and we can’t wait to see them settling into their new environment,” says Jean-Marc Bled, general manager of leisure and entertainment at Meraas. “Guests will be able to see these tamarin brothers in action as they play and learn the ropes with their trainers in husbandry training sessions and, quite frankly, just monkeying around. They’re a bundle of energy and we’re looking forward to having our guests meet them.”

Bled insists the monkeys, like all creatures at The Green Planet, will be given the royal treatment by his specialist staff.

“We have a whole team of experienced biologists who will be responsible for providing the monkeys with exceptional care and who will also be closely monitoring them to make sure they are adjusting to their new home. Our staff will also be keeping intricate records to make sure we are providing the absolute best care possible for these unique animals.”

Here are five interesting facts about Tamarin monkeys:
1. They are known to live up to 15-20 years under human care.

2. Their diet consists largely of insects and fruits. They also enjoy gum plant.

3. They can understand written numbers and can even count. They can also understand basic parts of arithmetic and even, in rare cases, multiplication.

4. At the tip of a monkey’s tail is a patch of bare skin that acts like a human’s fingertips, with little ridges providing grip.

5. Scientists observed female monkeys teaching their young how to floss their teeth.
The Green Planet, City Walk,

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